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Main benefits of swimming

If they tell you that practicing a sporting discipline not only contributes to you physically but also brings with it another series of benefits, you would not think more than twice about immersing yourself in it. Therefore, we want to share with you the main benefits of swimming with lifeguard training.

Many people argue that it is one of the best sports in the world and, perhaps, they are right. Carrying out it regularly offers a wide array of benefits, as well as being a highly varied discipline. This has four different styles that can be done recreationally or competitively.

Benefits of a sport

Swimming takes place on water surfaces, whether in a pool, in the sea, or in the river; This indicates that the body is immersed in water for large amounts of time. Being there, the bodyweight decreases considerably; in this way, different movements are facilitated, such as turns and horizontal movements, with respect to what happens on land.

On the other hand, in the water, the joints suffer less shock when carrying out any movement. This is why swimming is usually recommended for people with mobility difficulties and even as part of the recovery treatment for certain diseases.

Main benefits of swimming

Next, we will analyze a series of benefits that are considered the most important that are obtained when swimming regularly. Don’t miss out!

Strengthening the cardiovascular system

Being a sport that requires constant movement, swimming would activate blood circulation throughout the body. This process would bring benefits to the peripheral circulatory system – extremities -, the heart and other organs such as the brain with lifeguard training.

When the circulation becomes faster, the gas exchange favors the transit of oxygenated blood. On the other hand, it would lower blood pressure and free the bloodstream of LDL – low-intensity lipoproteins or bad cholesterol.

Decreased stress

Stress, anxiety, and uncertainty are problems afflicting a lot of people today; These problems tend to be associated and, moreover, are quite complex when they have gained a lot of ground.

According to a study carried out in 2014, immersion in the aquatic environment would accelerate the circulation of blood that irrigates the brain; This would bring several benefits regarding brain health and stress reduction would be one of them. Thus, to enjoy the benefits of swimming, it is recommended to practice it three times a week, approximately.

It would tone the body

Physical exercise helps us keep the body healthy and, in turn, allows us to tone it up and obtain the body we always dream of. This would be another benefit of swimming with lifeguard training.

The regular practice of this sporting discipline contributes to the gradual tonicity of the different muscle groups. Regardless of the style that is performed, all the segments of the body are worked, which is why the muscles would strengthen little by little.

In addition, swimming itself is a constant of resistance to strength, excellent work for each muscle group, and the improvement of their capacities.

It would improve lung capacity

When it comes to talking about the main benefits of swimming, improving lung capacity ranks high. Breathing is one of the fundamental pillars within this sport and mastering it generates a plus in its practice.

When we practice it regularly, lung capacity would improve considerably. This is due to the work done by the muscles relative to the area of ​​the lungs, as well as to the blood circulation.

On the other hand, the water puts pressure on the whole body, including the lungs, which forces them to work a little more in their inhalation and exhalation process; This would gradually strengthen those muscles.

Are all benefits of swimming?

Swimming is one of the most complete sports that exist – perhaps we will never tire of saying it. This is due to his wonderful contributions in terms of the physical, the psychological, and the physiological, but is everything in swimming positively?

It could be said that practically everything is beneficial; however, it does have some contraindications that should not be overlooked.

It is not usually recommended for people with skin diseases, although, of course, the idea is to go to the doctor to consult about it. The same is true for those who have seizures or epilepsy.

Last but not least, the exaggerated practice could lead to overtraining or joint problems; In that order of ideas, you have to pay attention.

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