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Marketing of medical devices

A new era of medical devices marketing began after the Internet became a medium for all buying and selling various products and devices.

Today, it is imperative for every medical equipment company that aspires to succeed and grow to consider seizing this opportunity to achieve better selling results with less investment using online medical device marketing.

What are medical services marketing medical devices and equipment on the Internet?

Medical Marketing Agency is the first and largest company specializing in marketing medical devices and equipment on the Internet. It offers many strategies compatible with different types of companies according to their marketing philosophy and the consumer segments they target.

You can choose from 3 different packages for marketing medical devices and equipment online, which include a variety of services:

Website management:

  • Adding good content: To market medical devices and equipment on the Internet, enough rate of one to three articles per week for your blog, and by checking the quality of the content and its compliance with the rules of search engines and adding value to the audience, your website will become a destination for your audience and an excellent marketing tool.
  • Running Google ads: Marketing for medical devices and equipment on the Internet through Google search ads can easily bypass your competitors and acquire search results, thus reaching the audience who is looking for your products directly.

Create a website:

  • Creating an online store is one of the most important pillars of marketing for medical devices and equipment on the Internet. If the medical products and devices are multiple and available to be sold to the public or even to businesses, but on a large scale, creating an online store may be an ideal option for you because you can display all your products in it to your audience and complete the sales process online, which ensures that a large part of the traditional display and sales process is saved.
  • Company portfolio design: Companies that have been in the medical devices field for a long time and rely on their name and reputation to generate revenue must catch up with the evolution and marketing development of their medical devices and equipment on the Internet, and without a company website, no one will know the history of the company, its customers and its reputation.
  • Promoting devices with Landing Pages: Whether you are an exclusive agent for a new device or a distributor for a specific medical device and you want to stimulate its sales, in particular, using the marketing of medical devices and equipment on the Internet.

Managing social media ads:

When marketing medical devices and equipment on the Internet, how do you target customers to buy your products through Facebook ads? There is more than one type:

Lead generation ads: This type of ad is specifically designed to allow you to get data from customers who are interested in buying. Facebook asks everyone who clicks on the ad to add specific data that they choose. Direct sales.

Engagement ads: One of the ways of marketing medical devices and equipment on the modern Internet, as the contemporary consumer usually tends to make a purchase decision from the brand names that he feels he belongs to (or the so-called customer loyalty) and to achieve this loyalty, the best he can do Any business name is to interact positively with the target audience, by adding information, tips and ideas, asking questions and creating a constructive discussion about the audience’s needs, ideas, perhaps complaints and suggestions, as well as promoting products and highlighting their advantages.


What is the importance of marketing medical services and equipment on the Internet?

We don’t deny the importance of attending trade fairs and meeting doctors in person. Still, marketing medical devices and equipment online is a much more effective way to promote your products 24 hours a day / seven days a week.

Also, by successfully using the marketing strategy for medical devices and equipment on the Internet, you can target doctors interested in finding your products and communicate with them in the simplest way to convert them into customers in easy steps.

The days when you can gain market share with traditional marketing methods and rely on them to drive device sales growth are over because, according to the statistics:

  • 71% of buyers search Google when considering a purchase.
  • 62% choose where to buy based on the information and content they find on websites and social media.

So when you think of reaching out to today’s doctors and medical lab owners, you need to market medical devices and equipment online using strategies targeting your audience during their online search journey.

How do we market medical devices and equipment on the Internet?

As we know to answer the question of how to target customers to buy your products through Facebook ads, we work with you to set practical and measurable goals that help you increase revenues, improve marketing costs, and increase the distinction of your brand in the market. By designing a customized strategy for marketing medical devices and equipment on the Internet that includes the services most closely aligned and effective with the marketing of electronic devices.

1- Analyzing the performance of your company and competitors on the Internet

This first step is a huge benefit when marketing medical devices and equipment online. With a comprehensive analysis from Upper Medic, we will identify your company’s strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities from an e-marketing perspective. Then, including practical ideas, you can take to fill any gaps and get ahead of the competition for medical equipment sales.

We’ll give you personalized recommendations on improving your presence and performance while marketing medical devices and equipment online.

2- Start preparing and writing good content to improve your presence in the online medical devices market

The future of marketing medical devices and equipment on the Internet is to create content that has real value for your customers. A buyer browses many pages on the Internet in search of useful content about the devices they want to own.

He wants to know their typical uses, methods of operation, handling, and maintenance, as well as prices and different types. Of course, he has chosen you, as he wants to know your address and ways of contacting you easily.

Attract more customers with content marketing strategies that significantly increase your sales growth; It puts a library of information at their fingertips, easily accessible through computers and smartphones, facilitating the purchase decision.

Look at these statistics:

  • Small businesses with blogs get 126% more growth than small businesses without blogs.
  • 82% of consumers feel more positive about the company after reading quality niche content.
  • Content marketing generates more than three times the number of leads than external marketing, although its cost is 62% lower.

Do you want to create content that establishes your company as a distinctive brand and helps your customers make better decisions? Then, contact us, and we’ll do it right, and your website will magically appear on the first page of Google in relevant keyword searches.

3- Marketing on Facebook

41% of customers are influenced by content on social media when making purchase decisions.

Marketing for medical devices and equipment on the Internet by creating paid ads on Facebook is a good choice because it offers many advantages such as:

  • A specific audience can be customized to easily view the ad and target doctors and medical lab owners.
  • It is possible to reach the largest category of potential customers at the lowest cost and increase the advertising audience’s conversion rate.
  • Prove the business image of the company in the mind of customers.
  • It helps collect data about new and potential customers, including contact information.

4- Improving and developing your company’s website

63% of customers prefer to find the company website whose medical devices and equipment they want to purchase. And 75% of people admitted that they might judge a company’s credibility based on the design of their website and how medical devices and equipment are marketed on the Internet through that website.

In today’s business world, every company needs a website that acts as your virtual sales representative 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Therefore, your website must be modern, mobile-friendly, and able to convert visitors into potential customers.

That’s why your website is your most important marketing asset, and if it’s not working professionally to grow your sales, it’s time to create a new website or improve it.

Connect with Upper Medic so doctors can find everything they need to know about your medical devices and equipment, adding technical information about medical devices, their uses, their classification, and technical terms commonly used during the marketing process.

The website can be improved by:

  • Increase keyword rankings with SEO services.
  • Generate more visits to the site through sponsored Google ads.
  • Use high-quality photos and videos.
  • Add more advertising messages encouraging purchase a Call to action.
  • Design an online store to display your medical devices and equipment in a coordinated and attractive way to the buyer

What is the benefit of creating an online store for medical device companies?

Creating your online store for medical devices is one of the most powerful steps that help you successfully market your medical devices and equipment online to sell more devices. The doctor will not find it easier than searching the Internet for the machine he wants to buy. Finally, your online store will appear, and he will be flooded with useful details about the device, its uses, and warranty period.

Of course, the doctor will not think after that but to contact you because you will become the professional seller and provide him with what he needs to know the easiest way.

To attract more customers through the online store, you must:

  • Arrange the online store well.
  • Improve the user experience by facilitating the process of searching and navigating within it.
  • Providing information, pictures, and videos for each product coordinated.
  • Putting your contact information professionally in the right place.

To arrange the online store of medical devices for your company, we will:

  • Properly categorize medical devices: create custom sections and improve the user experience within the site until they get exactly what they want.
  • Using the promotional description in the marketing of each device: By highlighting the advantages and utility of medical devices to the user, we help the public to know exactly what they want and make a purchase decision.
  • Professional high-quality photo placement: With professional product photography sessions, the audience can preview the device as if it were in their hands.

What are the advantages of marketing medical devices and equipment companies on the Internet?

    • It gives you a permanent presence on the Internet: Starting to create digital assets on the Internet, such as a website and pages on social media in medical marketing platforms, is a permanent and not a temporary one because your digital platforms will work as a non-stop selling tool and are not tied to time, the website is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and your social media platforms that the public can message and interact with at any time.
  • Building a relationship of trust and loyalty with customers: modern consumer behaviors have changed, and almost everyone searches the Internet before trusting any brand name. If you do not have a good online presence, you miss out on a large segment of consumers.
  • Delivers amazing results at lower costs: Without the need for rent, labor, or other expensive traditional business expenses, online marketing and advertising for the medical devices and supplies sector means huge savings in the medium and long term.
  • It is easy for customers to reach your address and contact numbers: you will be five seconds away from any consumer who wants to interact with or buy from you. With a few clicks, he will reach you, whether he wants your address, contact number, or ordering a product directly.



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