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Medical Marketing: How to get your clinic on the first pages of Google

Imagine that the first page of Google is the main thoroughfare in your city, where all the other medical marketing facilities are located. So many people go through it looking for a place to care for their health.

If your clinic is not on this high street, do you believe your patient will go further to find your services?

Google is basically like thatIf the patient searches for service in the browser, he will hardly go to the second, third, or fourth page to find what he needs and choose to click on one of the first results options.

But to put your clinic on the main street, that is, on the first page of Google, you need to create a solid and well-structured digital medical marketing strategy. Want to know how to do this? So, read on and learn!

Start by structuring a good plan

Everything flows better with organization, so having a well-structured plan and thinking about the current objective – putting your clinic on the first pages of Google – will help you in the process.

And who will help you achieve good results in Digital Medical Marketing? Have you heard of it? It is digital marketing specialized in health, focused on attracting and retaining patients ethically and credibly.

This plan must include:

  • Creation of personas (your ideal patient);
  • Content Marketing;
  • Blog with keyword optimization;
  • Responsive website.

It’s good to remember how much you can invest in your goal, how long you want to achieve the expected results, and what you can do for your clinic to evolve even more.

One of our planning tips is the editorial calendar. In it, you can program how many posts per week you will publish, which content you want to cover throughout the year and which colorful months your clinic will participate in, for example.

In this process, remember to create an increasingly close relationship between the clinic, its clinical staff, and its patients.

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Have a good SEO strategy

SEO is the initial step of the Inbound Marketing methodology used to distinguish your clinic’s website and the content you generate. Search Engine Optimization or Optimization for Search Engines in English.

This feature is used to place your clinic on the first page of Google and, consequently, attract new people to your website, causing them to become new visitors and, possibly, patients.

The search engine – in this case, Google – suggests the most relevant, reliable, and useful sites to those searching.

Consequently, a technology with more than 199 ranking factors is utilized, which analyses all sites and determines the order in which they appear in the search results, ranking them for each search term.

For instance, if a user searches for the term: “how to treat kidney stone,” and your website meets Google’s requirements, and your content is SEO-optimized, your blog addressing the topic may be the first result that appears in that person’s searches.

These search results on Google are called organic results, which take time and require organized work, so we reinforce: that it is important to have a good medical SEO services strategy.

Among the fundamental elements, we can highlight the use of specific keywords – which we will discuss in greater detail in this post, the expected number of words, short sentences, and other items that are crucial to move up in the organic search results and place your clinic on the first pages of Google.

Develop good content with keywords

To put your clinic on the first pages of Google, only good content cannot bring the expected results.

As we said before, it is important to have your persona defined, so you can develop rich, well-researched content made exactly for her and her needs and knew the keywords she is most interested in.

So, in addition to making your content relevant to who you want to reach and creating a constant search for what is published on your clinic’s blog, you already have a word cloud that your patients hope to find in your blog posts.

It is necessary to focus on subjects you know and are an expert in. Having this theme planning, thought flows better, and creation arises.

To help you in this process, a great ally is Google’s keyword planner within Google Ads, which presents ideas for words and phrases related to your services.

And, so that you are always evolving, you can see the search frequency for that keyword in question in your region: how many people search for certain terms in your city?

Be a reference in your specialty

Surely you’ve accessed content and come across links in the post that lead to posts on other sites.

Search engines understand these external links as votes for that content. This helps to measure the popularity and relevance of a website on the internet, you know?

So, if a reference company in the health area cites your content on its blog, this will help in the authority of your content.

It works as an indication, something that – if not almost all – people do in everyday life.

They pay much more attention to a service that appeared on the recommendation of a friend than to one they got to know through pamphlets, for example.

Your content is much more evident when this great site inserts your link into its post.

For this reason, we suggest that you create well-researched posts with relevant content so that you are more likely to have a link to your content on a reputable site.

Hire a specialist medical marketing agency

You will likely need assistance to achieve your goal of having your practice appear on the first page of Google. And with ethics, there is nothing better than an agency specialized in health to help you achieve results satisfactorily and positively.

If you don’t know how to put the steps into practice, you don’t have time for one more task, and you have accumulated functions in your clinic, we don’t recommend that you overload yourself.

A medical marketing agency specializing in health can help you have a well-structured plan, offering correct assistance to organize your digital medical marketing, execute the planned actions, and monitor the results.

Thus, the agency will elevate your medical marketing to a professional level, putting all knowledge into practice and allowing you and your team to dedicate yourself exclusively to your patients.

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