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Methods, advantages, and disadvantages of Trivikramasana

During Trivikramasana, the balance of the body is maintained by standing on one leg and bringing the other leg up to the head. It is a complex category of yoga posture, which requires physical strength, flexibility, and balance to perform. This yoga asana is mainly meant for experienced practitioners, however, beginners can also do it with the help of a yoga instructor. Trivikramasana makes the muscles of many parts including the hip, thigh, and waist flexible and strong. This yoga pose got its name from Trivikrama, a name of Lord Vishnu, and is known as “Standing splits pose” in English. Yoga in Bali also offers a great opportunity to people who want to teach Yoga in the future. 


Benefits of Standing splits pose:

If Standing splits pose yoga posture is done with the proper technique and taking care of special things, then it can provide many health benefits –

1. Trivikramasana makes hip joints healthy

During Trivikramasana, the hip joints and muscles around them are stretched extensively, which reduces the risk of pain and stiffness.


2. Trivikramasana prevents kidney stones

It is believed that practicing Trivikramasana yoga has a positive effect on the kidneys and prevents problems like stones.


3. Trivikramasana increases flexibility in the legs

With proper technique and regular practice of Trivikramasana, many muscles in the thigh and calf, including the hamstrings, are stretched and strengthened.


4. Cures mental diseases

With the help of this Yogasana, also helps a lot in treating mental diseases. Symptoms like anxiety and tension can be reduced to a great extent by Trivikramasana.

However, the health benefits derived from Standing splits pose completely depend on the method of yoga asana and your health condition.


How to do Trivikramasana:

If you are going to practice the Standing splits pose for the first time, following these steps may help you to form this yoga pose –

1 – Spread the mat on the flat ground and stand straight on it

Taking a deep breath, raise your left leg by bending it at the knee.

3 – Bend the knees in such a way that the left leg rests on the right knee.

3 – Now bring the leg up with the help of the hands while balancing the body

4 – Now slowly open the leg and move the leg upwards.

You can do this yoga activity for a period according to your ability and then slowly come back to normal. If you have any questions regarding this, contact a good yoga instructor.


Precautions during Trivikramasana:

Trivikramasana practice is usually done only under the supervision of a yoga instructor and during this, it is necessary to take the following precautions –

  • Exercises for warming up and stretching
  • Do not allow the shock to the spine, back, or neck
  • do not force any action
  • Keep the full focus on yoga action
  • Take help from a yoga instructor if needed.


When not to do Trivikramasana:

There are certain health conditions during which permission from a doctor must be taken before practicing Trivikramasana –

  • bruise or pain deep in the body
  • having high or low blood pressure
  • heart or respiratory disease
  • pregnancy and menstruation

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