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Methods to Resolve QuickBooks Error 3371 Status Code 11118

When you try to activate QuickBooks or re-configure your system, QuickBooks error 3371 frequently arises. In the event that company files are damaged, this error may also appear. Notably, ‘entitlementDataStore.ECML’, a corrupted QuickBooks system file, is frequently linked to this error. Make sure you read this post all the way through to learn about this error.

Our knowledgeable team offers you the most dependable assistance and ensures that all your questions are promptly addressed. The numerous causes and necessary troubleshooting steps for resolving the QuickBooks Error 3371 Status Code 11118 are listed in this article.

You might get the following error message on your desktop screen:


QuickBooks Error 3371 Status Code 11118: Conspicuous causes

The QuickBooks Error Status Code 1118 may be caused by a variety of factors.

  • Files in the MSXML and QBregistration.dat folders may have been corrupted.
  • Windows has not been updated.
  • Some specific issue caused by third-party programs
  • Network issue/Poor internet connection.


Let us now solve the QuickBooks Error 3371

Numerous circumstances could cause QuickBooks Error 3371, which we have discussed in the aforementioned section. Let us now scroll through the various troubleshooting solutions to rectify the QuickBooks error 3371. Perform the following troubleshooting methods carefully:

Method 1: Remove the ECML file

  • To open the Run Window, hit the ‘’Win+R’’ keys simultaneously.
  • When the run window appears on the screen, type the following path into it: ‘C:\ProgramData\intuit\Entitlement\Client\v8’

  • Then, hit the “Enter” key.
  • Herein, you are required to choose the ECML file and then delete the Entitlement DataStore.ecml file by hitting on the ‘’Delete’’

  • Follow the previous step by running QuickBooks Desktop.
  • You must now register the software once more.
  • Verify that Error 3371 has been resolved. If it still causes you botheration, move on to the next method.


Method 2: Update your Windows package

Updating your windows is a remedy to a wide range of error codes encountered both in the Windows O/S as well as the QuickBooks software. So, let us go through the various steps to update the Windows package:

  • Opt for “All programs” from the ‘’start’’
  • Then, hit on the “Window Update.”
  • Opt for the “check for updates” tab after that.

  • Choose all the necessary updates and hit on the ‘’Update’’ option to begin the process.
  • Reinstall and update QuickBooks Desktop once again.
  • Examine if the error was fixed after the update procedure is finished. If not, use the next method.


Method 3: Rename the Entitlement file

Follow the steps outlined below to rename the claim file:

For Windows Operating System

  • Click on ‘Start,’
  • Select “Run.” You can also open the Run window by pressing “Win” and “R.”
  • Type “C: Documents and Settings/ AllUsers/Application/Data/Intuit/Entitlement Clientv2” into the path field.
  • Click “OK.”
  • Rename the ECML file to “”

For Windows Operating System with seven users

  • Head for the location ‘C:/ ProgramData/Intuit/Entitlement/Clientv*.
  • Change the Entitlement file’s name.
  • The program will immediately craft a new entitlement file as soon as QuickBooks is opened once again.
  • If the application data folder is hidden, you can unhide it by using the steps below:
  • Complete the actions listed below: Organize > Folder > Search options in My Computer.
  • After that, you need to look for the ‘’Hidden Files and Folders’’

  • Check QuickBooks to see whether Error Code 3371 got resolved.


Method 5: Use the QuickBooks tool hub

  • Install the QuickBooks tool hub upon downloading it from the Intuit website.
  • Open the tool, then choose “Quick Fix My Program.”

  • Move on to the installation problems, then look up for the QuickBooks Error 3371.
  • Once the error has been found, fix it.
  • Opt for “OK.”
  • Verify the repair for the error. If not, proceed to the next troubleshooting method.


Method 6: Use the QuickBooks install diagnostic tool

The QuickBooks Tool Hub contains critical components that ensure a seamless functioning of the QuickBooks software. Among these components, the Install diagnostic tool is a crucial tool. This tool allows you to run the diagnosis and determine if the fault is fixed or not. Follow these instructions to utilize the tool:

  • Start by launching the QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • Look for the “installation Issues” tab.

  • After that, opt for “QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool” option next.
  • Start running the tool.
  • Wait for the completion of the process.
  • Restart your system after the procedure is finished.


Method 7: Resolve QuickBooks error 3371 manually

  • First, rebuild the deleted entitlement file. After then, the user must address the license and registration problems.
  • Use the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool to fix the following files: Microsoft NET Framework issues, C++ issues, and an MSXML file
  • To finish, run the reboot file to update QuickBooks.


That’s takes us to the conclusion!

This article unraveled different troubleshooting techniques that should have assisted you in resolving the QuickBooks Error 3371 Status Code 11118. Contact our QuickBooks error support experts at 1-800-761-1787, who work to solve all of your QB-related issues if the situation isn’t still fixed. We will make sure that the snag gets resolved at the earliest.


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