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MONOPOLY Game Rules plus Special Rules User Guide

MONOPOLY Game Rules plus Special Rules User Guide

MONOPOLY Game Rules plus Special Rules User Guide, Set your quest to have it all but first, you need to know the basic rules of the game along with a special MONOPOLY: JoJo Siwa’s rules.

If you’ve never played the original MONOPOLY game, check out the original rules starting on the next page. Then back to the Set It Up! section to learn about the additional features of MONOPOLY: JoJo Siwa.

If you’re already an experienced MONOPOLY dealer and want a faster game, try the backyard rules!




  • Holds all money and
    Deed Titles are not owned by the player.
  • Paying salaries and bonuses to players.
  • Collect taxes and fines from players.
  • Selling and auctioning the property.
  • Selling Rhinestones and Spells.
  • Lending money to players who mortgaged their property.

Banks can never go ‘bankrupt’. If the Bank runs out of money, the Banker can issue as much as needed by writing on plain paper.


Be the only player left in the game after everyone is broke. Do this by buying properties and charging other players rent to land there.

Gather property groups to increase rent, then build Rhinestones and Spells to really increase your income.

Each player rolls two dice.
The highest roller takes the first turn.


  1. Roll two dice.
  2. Move your token clockwise around the board the number of spaces indicated on the dice.
  3. You need to take action depending on the space you land in. See Where You Landed? under.
  4. If your steps take you to or through the GO room, collect $200 from the Bank.


5. If you roll a double, roll the dice again and make another move (steps 1-4).
Careful! If you double roll 3 times on the same turn, you must Go to Jail.
6. When you complete your moves and actions, pass the dice to the player on your left.



If you ever owe the Bank or another player more money than you have, try to raise money by selling Rhinestones and Spells and/or pawning property.

If you still owe more than you have, you are BANKRUPT and out of the game!

  • Pay whatever money you can collect.
  • If the debt is to another player – give them all your mortgaged property and an Out of Jail card. Players must pay 10% interest on any mortgaged property, even if they don’t want to pay off the mortgage yet.
  • If you owe the bank – all your mortgaged property must be auctioned off. It is sold without a mortgage (face up). Return all Dungeon Free cards to the bottom of the appropriate pile.


You can do the following even when it’s not your turn – even if you’re in Jail!

    If another player lands on one of your properties that hasn’t been mortgaged, you can request rent from them as shown in the Title Deed – see Properties Owned by other players below.
    The banker holds an auction when…
    Auction bids can only be made in cash. Each player can start bidding with as little as $1. If no one bids higher, the last player to bid must buy the property.

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