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Must-Have Farm Equipment For Small Farms

Your farm’s or property’s needs will determine what kind of farm equipment you need. Equipment for hay or harvesting wouldn’t be very useful if you were farming vegetables or raising livestock. However, every farm, regardless of size or nature, requires a few key components to function properly.

Pick-up Truck

This is an obvious choice. Since Henry Ford introduced a pickup bed to the Model T, pickups have been a mainstay of the farming industry. Today’s pickups are engineered for transporting, whether it’s a load in the truck bed or a trailer on the hitch. One of the most adaptable and practical pieces of machinery on a small farm is a truck. You can use a truck to carry anything, including tools, feed, building materials, fencing, and other supplies. You can tow heavier things like cattle, poultry, crops, and food if you hitch on a trailer.


Large tracts of land can be cut with a small tractor that has a mower mounted on the rear. However, if you have a large lawn or a little amount of land, you probably prefer a more cultivated appearance than a tractor can offer. A lawn tractor comes in handy in this situation. While larger than a standard riding mower, lawn tractors don’t damage the ground like a compact utility tractor. Additionally, they contain extra functionality. You can attach a material collection system, rotary tiller, aerator, lawn roller, or utility cart using the heavy-duty rear equipment mounting system. Even a blade or shovel can be mounted on the front for tasks that a tiny tractor wouldn’t typically do.

Utility Vehicle

ATVs, sometimes referred to as four-wheelers or ATVs, as well as utility vehicles, or UTVs, are becoming more and more prevalent on farms of all sizes. These smaller vehicles can traverse difficult terrain more swiftly and efficiently than the majority of road vehicles. Additionally, a variety of attachments, such as spreaders, mowers, and compact trailers, can be used with these vehicles.

Electric Hand Tools

A circular saw (like the one depicted above) and an electric drill/driver are two necessities for any kind of agricultural construction job although there are dozens more electric power tools available at hardware and home stores (pictured at the top of this post). You must construct your own compost bin. The drill and saw are brought out. Putting up a fresh barn door? Grab the drill and the saw. 

Locking pliers are one of many hand instruments that are necessary for every farm. Hand tools are made by businesses like Sears (with its Craftsman line of tools) and Snap-On (available at many auto parts stores), and they come with lifetime warranties. My shopping list includes the following products in order of priority: a 25-foot and a 100-foot tape measure, a decent claw hammer with a comfortable grip, electrician’s pliers, a ratchet and socket set, adjustable wrenches in various sizes, and a screwdriver set with normal and head drivers.

Key Takeaway

Being self-sufficient can be gratifying or difficult, which is why you need specialized equipment to make the process simpler. These agricultural tools and equipment, whether used for livestock or crops, will undoubtedly help you in your work. Here was a list of equipment you should get, no matter if you are from a rural location or are moving.

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