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Nursing Home Billing Companies Ways To Make Your Eligibility Verification Process More Efficient

Nursing Home Billing Companies

The eligibility verification process is the very first step in the revenue cycle, and probably the most important. Without a well-functioning verification procedure, it’s difficult to reach out to the payers and establish payer/patient obligations. These issues can lead to an increase in the number of errors made when submitting claims. They could also add to your average days of A/R or reduce the amount of revenue you are able to collect every month.

If you’re aware of the expenses associated with nursing home billing services, you should consider a new method of verification. Three ways can boost the efficiency of verification.

Nursing Home Billing Companies

Nursing Home Billing Companies
Nursing Home Billing Companies Ways To Make Your Eligibility Verification Process More Efficient
  1. Benefit from real-time eligibility verification options

Checking the eligibility of patients via specific payer portals or over the phone is not the best option. These procedures are very time-consuming. They hinder access for patients to care and frequently create stress for staff at the front of the house.

A real-time verification method is available via an online portal for eligibility and is more effective. It streamlines communication with payers and gives quick eligibility information, which means your team is able to verify your coverage in seconds instead of hours or days. If you have the nursing home billing firms You can take advantage of this speedy, highly efficient process to connect to Medicare, Medicaid, and private payers.

  1. You can save time by saving patient information

Real-time verification is only among the numerous workflow advantages provided by an eligibility portal such as Medcare MSO nursing home billing could provide. Additional features could include keeping track of the history of your eligibility transactions and also the Medcare MSO nursing home billing companies to send previous eligibility requests.

The ability to access this data can provide significant time savings. This gives your staff the necessary information to swiftly verify the eligibility of patients every time a new patient arrives. It replaces the slow and painful procedure of requiring patients to complete forms and having staff manually enter their data. This improves the satisfaction of patients as well as reduces the possibility of submitting claims that contain incorrect information.

  1. Make sure patients are informed and pay prior to the treatment

To ensure a high degree of effectiveness throughout the entire revenue cycle, you must engage your patients at an early stage. Inform them about their insurance coverage and obligations with regard to payment. Explain the cost of treatment both for one-time and long-term services and then collect the payment at the moment of treatment.

Making sure that patients are aware of their obligations regarding payment prior to treatment helps your business to avoid the possibility of losing payments. This reduces the chance of a lack of benefits issues following the start of treatment and improves the chances that a patient will complete their long-term care program. Innovative processes coupled with attentive patient care could improve your RCM performance. Regarding eligibility verification, only the most efficient method of improving efficiency is to concentrate on speedier work while delivering more precise results.

Reexamining data to stop the spreading of COVID-19

In addition to keeping track of new data, examining your current information can help you find COVID-19 issues at your facility for skilled nurses. Recognizing any patients who have recently had symptoms of respiratory illness could help you find personnel or residents who could have been affected but who only had minimal symptoms. If you’ve had the COVID-19 test positive at your establishment, understanding the affected individuals can aid in determining the source of the infection.

Your facility can also benefit from looking at previous data outbreaks. What was the most recent outbreak that hit your facility? Analyzing how many patients were affected, how the illness was spread and the effectiveness of the measures you used to stop the outbreak will help you understand the possibility of COVID-19 spreading in your facility, and what actions you can take to stop it from happening.

Nursing home medical billing from tracking can aid in SNF infection prevention

Nursing home medical billing can be a useful tool for dealing with infection prevention in your nursing home. It can assist you in identifying an outbreak earlier and provide information on how effective your program is to control infection. Learn more about what the Medcare Medical Billing will help your nurses to handle the information on your infection control program to protect your home from infection. Contact an expert now!

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