On demand Beauty Market With StyleSeat Clone App

Embrace the Most-Innovative Beauty Appointment Booking App and make your way towards establishing a Successful Online Beauty Business With On demand Beauty Market With StyleSeat Clone App! Yes! This Super-Useful Beauty App is the Best Bet when it comes to Drawing-In a Large Number of App Users towards your Business, and thereby Rake-In High Amount of Profits.

Here, let’s have a Detailed View of how the App Users can Relish the Beauty and Salon Services at their Home using just a couple of Simple Steps – 

To start with, the App User can easily Access this Wonderful App using Valid Login Credentials. Here, one could see a List of different Beauty Services. Such as Hairstyle, Make-Up, Haircut, Facial, Manicure-Pedicure, Hair Blow Dry, and Nail Art. The App User can proceed with a Single Service, as well as select Multiple-Services at a go, and lastly tap on the ‘Select’ Button.

As per the Selected Services, the User of Beauty On-Demand App gets a List of Beauticians that fall within the Preset Radius. Evert Beautician or Salon professional would have a ‘More Details’ Button against one’ Name. By tapping this Button, one could view the Different Ratings and Reviews of such Beauty Expert provided by one’ Previous Clients (App Users.) One can also view the List of Services provided by such specific Beauticians and one’ Gallery Portfolio as well. These aspects help the App Users to make an Informed Decision to select the Most-Suitable Beauty Professional. After selecting the Beauty Professional, one adds the Required Services such as Hair Style for Long Hair and Keratin Treatment to the Cart. One may also add any Special instructions for the Beautician, if any.

How Style Seat Clone App Works?

Now, the User of the Style Seat Clone App is left with selecting the Booking Location and Service Date/Time. To get the Beauty Service right away, the App User needs to select the ‘Book Now’ Option. One can select the ‘Book Later’ Option if the Service is required at a Later Date or Time. Furthermore, under the Booking Location section. One can select whether the Service is required at the Users’ Location or the Beautician’ Location.

If one is eligible for any Location Wise Promo Codes, one can click on the ‘Apply Coupon’ Option. And enter the same to get some Discount. Finally, the App User can choose the Payment Method now. One gets the Option to go with Cash Payment, Payment via In-App Wallet, or Credit Card Payment.

As the Beautician accepts the Service Request, the App User gets a Graphical In-App Push Notification that ‘Beautician has accepted your Service Request.’ Now, one can easily track the Live Location of the Beautician on the Map. Moreover, the App User can connect with the Beauty Expert using the Internal Chat Option and the VOIP Based Call Masking Feature.


The StyleSeat Clone App is the Key to Enter in the Space of the On-Demand Beauty Market Industry! With this Beauty App by your side, you get strong Growth Prospects. In terms of Increased Profits. knocking at your Door. Do you want to earn Easy and Quick Money? Do you want to be the First Millionaire of your Family? Get in touch with one of the Legit Licensed White-Labelling Firms of Global Repute and Lay the Foundations of a Successful Online Beauty Business.

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