Packaging Supplier for Custom Mascara Boxes

Tips on Finding the Right

We live in an age in which a trend toward custom packaging is booming. New cosmetic e-commerce brands are popping up every day, and brick-and-mortar stores also want to give customers a branded experience. This shift towards creating beautiful custom boxes for particularly mascaras is high. Custom mascara boxes benefit cosmetic brands in branding, marketing, mascara protection, and effective transmission of product information.

But it all comes to choosing the right custom packaging services provider. 

This article will discuss the most important things you need to consider while hiring a custom box company.

Customer Satisfaction Rate

The best way to know the reputation of a packaging company is to look for its customer reviews. These days, cosmetic brands would leave reviews on ‘review websites’ about personal experiences with the packaging supplier. These review websites are famous for their unbiased way of letting customers share their experiences. In this way, you can learn a lot about a mascara box packaging company. The best thing about these websites is that they also give overall ratings to companies based on the reviews.

Requisite Infrastructure Should Be Setup

Of course, no supplier would ever be able to manufacture the perfect custom mascara boxes without the right tools and equipment. To know if the packaging company is capable enough, visit their website and look for:

  • Availability of advanced printing machinery
  • Are they using the latest die-cut machinery to perfectly craft mascara boxes?
  • What other mechanical and software tools do they use to make mascara manufacturing more seamless?
  • How will they facilitate you step-by-step with consultation services?
  • Associations and affiliations

Usually, the FAQ page answers such questions.

Expertise & Experience

An accredited packaging supplier has a clear competitive edge over others. It should reflect that the packaging company knows what it does.

For this, read reviews about the company. Also, visit services related pages on their website and search for:

  • Certifications and accreditations
  • Number of clients served
  • Years of experience
  • Other capabilities that give them a competitive edge

What is their Unique Selling Point?

Keep asking yourself, “why should I prefer this company instead of others?”. The competitive edge of a cosmetic packaging company can be anything from its value-added services to transparency. For example:

  • 24/7 customer services
  • Instant quoting
  • Online proofing and real-time mascara box designing on the website 
  • Free dedicated consultation
  • Free prototyping and 3D mockups
  • no shipping charge with fast turnarounds
  • No additional charges for die and plate

To sum up, look for anything that’s a clear competitive advantage that compels you to choose a supplier over others.

Customization Possibilities

Customization possibilities are the extent to which a packaging supplier can creatively make unique custom mascara boxes. To find out, look for options available in terms of:

  • Stock material choices
  • Styles and shapes of boxes
  • Library of graphic arts and patterns 
  • Availability of different coatings and laminations. The more options offered, the more creative room available for manufacturing outstanding custom mascara boxes.

To Conclude the Above

The above discussed are the most important aspects to look for when you want to measure the competency of a mascara box supplier. With these points in mind, you’ll end up hiring a packaging supplier that’s a perfect fit for your brand.

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