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Places to not miss in Japan? Find out here

Japan lives in the future. But to know how this is true, one must plan a trip to this destination. Japan is a must-visit destination on Earth. Whether you want to witness the skyscrapers or the

Visit various temples and spend time in the lap of nature. Japan has all of this to offer to all its travelers.

This is a place that allows travelers to enjoy the best here. So, if you are also planning a trip and want to make its itinerary effortlessly, then the guide here will help you.

Must add places in Itinerary-


Start your trip by exploring Kyoto in Japan. This is the best place to explore at this destination.

Furthermore, if you are interested in exploring traditional Japan, this is the right place. Stroll around the stone streets here and witness the beauty of Kyoto in the best way possible. There are hilly neighborhoods, too, which are worth exploring.

Moreover, here, there are various temples and shrines too. So, if you want to explore those, you can do that too.

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To see futuristic Japan, there cannot be a better destination than Tokyo. You will find it all in Tokyo, from the huge futuristic skyscrapers to various high-end stores.

However, Tokyo is more of a chaotic place. You will find a huge number of people here.

People who are foodie and want to try various dishes should not visit Tokyo. One of the most exciting things about Japan is its theme cafes. So, travelers should not miss these cafes. In addition, there are so many fun activities people can do here, like kayaking.


Run away from all the city’s chaos and the hustle and bustle by going to Takayama. This is one of the gorgeous towns situated on the Japanese Alps.

Furthermore, this is one of the unexplored places, and thus people enjoy it a lot here.

You can imagine what a beautiful town it would be if it is located on the Japanese Alps. One word for this is Paradise.

Stay in the wooden house when you are here and spend the most relaxing and rejuvenating time here.

Mt Fuji

Is it even possible not to explore Mt. Fuji when you are in Japan? This place is heaven and is magical. So, missing this one would be foolishness.

Furthermore, a huge number of people climb Mt. Fuji. You will enjoy the most surreal views of nature when you are here.


Osaka is a city of Japan made for all the foodies.

Food lovers should not even think of missing this place. Also, don’t think the signature dish of Osaka is Takoyaki. However, this place is not just for eating delicious food. Osaka is the perfect place to see the most beautiful night views and nightlights.

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Make plans for Japan and spend the best time with your loved ones at this stunning destination.


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