Power BI: The Importance of Quality Data

The key role of data in business is no longer to be proven today. It is at the heart of customer relations and corporate strategy. Every decision is based on data. And to make the right decision, you have to be able to rely on quality data. However, the quality of the data is not always the priority of companies. Lack of time ? Organization to review? There are solutions, let me introduce you to one in particular, Power BI.

What is Quality Data?

So that we are talking about the same thing, let’s start by defining quality data.

The first step is to standardize the data to have a common base, to speak the same language. For example, using the same name to enter the gender of a prospect: avoid variations, Mrs, Mrs, Mrs. …

The second step concerns the update of the data. Outdated data is useless data. Worse, it discredits your speech and misleads you when making a decision.

The company’s data (turnover, stocks, supply, etc.) must be updated regularly so as not to negatively impact the activity.

Like your customer data.

Keep in regular contact with your prospects to keep information fresh. More importantly, updating your prospect data. Centralization allows everyone to fill in the right information in the right place.

We’re talking about the centralization of data, that’s good, that’s my third point: the availability of data.

Availability for your sales and strategic teams, who must have quick and easy access to the data they are looking for. Availability also for your analysis solutions.

Quality data is therefore valid, recent and accessible data.

The Impact of Data on your Business

Building a better Customer Experience

Quality data allows you to build a lasting relationship with your customers. You create personalized exchanges thanks to the information collected.

This customer knowledge helps you to anticipate and meet the needs of your customers and to propose the appropriate offers.

Improve Conversion rates for Sales Teams

The data reinforces your prospect knowledge and helps you build a personalized approach.

Sales teams adopt a discourse to stand out from the competition and create more opportunities. Target your prospects and increase your conversion rates with relevant data.

Make the best Decision

The data collected based on key performance indicators helps you in your decision making.

Rely on historical data, fed in real time, to quantify your business objectives and make the best decision.

To make this data usable, you can use dedicated reporting solutions. They turn big data collection into a fast and efficient task.

This is the case of Power BI, Microsoft’s solution.

Power BI – Your New Vision of Data

Power BI is a data analysis solution developed by Microsoft. This solution transforms your discordant data sources into immersive and interactive visual information. The intuitive interface allows users to develop their own reports and dashboards.

Your data can come in many forms: Excel spreadsheet, hybrid data, on-premises or in the cloud. Power BI easily connects your data to visualize and discover what matters, and share that information with the people who need it, to make the best decisions.

Why choose Power BI?

Create useful information

Combine and analyze all of your data to turn it into a powerful competitive advantage. Create and share custom reports with your key performance indicators.

Find the right answer with AI

Microsoft Artificial Intelligence quickly analyzes data for you, develops machine learning models and discovers relevant insights, in structured or unstructured data.

Make the best decision

Easily collaborate with the same information and share your insights with members of your company to make the best data-driven decisions.

The management of large volumes of data by a company represents a strong lever for competitiveness. It’s a process that, once mastered, generates above-average rates of productivity and profitability.

On condition of mastering the data, of quality.

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