Pursuing a Career in Operation Theater Technology

BSc Operation Theatre & Anaesthesia Technology

When an ailing patient is taken to an operation theater, the surgeon is believed to save his life. However, it is not only a surgeon that is liable to take care of a patient in an operation room. Without the support of a medical team, the surgeon would not be able to achieve this. The technologist in the room with a surgeon is equally important. Students who are willing to pursue a career in Operation Technology, thus, opt to take admission in BSc Operation Theatre & Anaesthesia Technology

Understanding Operation Theater Technology

A course in Operation Theater Technology builds competency in an aspirant to work among the members of the healthcare team in a medical facility. The OTT professionals are responsible to work under the supervision and guidance of the team of physicians and senior technicians to carry out many other functions at a medical facility. The aspirants are aware of all the procedures taking place in an operation theater. Therefore, they are able to support the physicians and surgeons during the process. You can find a top medical college in Rajasthan for acquiring a degree in the discipline.

Qualifications for a Operation Theater Technologist

The subject is taught under the discipline of allied sciences. You have to take admission in a Bachelor of Science in Operation Theater Technology course after you complete class 12. To pursue this 3 years degree, you must have completed classes 10 + 2. The subject demands a qualification of high school in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (PCB) in Science stream. Usually, the marks criterion can change from college to college. But the least demand for an aggregate of 50% or higher is common in colleges. Many private colleges have the criteria of a personal interview for offering the admission.     

The Course Structure

It is a three years degree program. The course has predetermined subjects that you have to study to make sure that you are aware of all the procedures and processes of an operation theater. The subjects that you have to study in the three years of the program are going to change as per the semester.

You will begin with the basic topics for setting up a foundation of the course that includes subjects like anatomy, general biochemistry, general microbiology, and understanding the parameters of  healthcare. You would be introduced to the foundation of operation technology in the progressive semesters that would include subjects like patient safety, clinical pharmacology, basics of surgery, medicine outline, principles of anesthesia, hospital management, and so on. The final semester includes an internship to make sure that you receive real-life training. A program in BSc Operation Theatre & Anaesthesia Technology provides an awesome opportunity to the students who are interested in building a career in alternative sciences instead of the main medical field.

Life after Completing the Course

The need of operation theater technologists is indispensable in a medical facility. Today, the hospitals are increasing day by day to meet the increasing demand for healthcare practitioners and medical facilities. The job of an operation theater technologist will continue to increase with the growing number of medical facilities. OTTs can earn a decent salary in the field. Also, for getting better designations, you have to take advanced degree programs in the subject.

Conclusive Remarks

The job of an OTT demands zeal, passion, and lots of energy. The patients require utmost care of a healthcare professional. Like any other job, initially the work can appear tiring and mundane. With time and your persistence, you would be able to experience something new everyday at the job. All you need is the right attitude of generosity and care for the patients. Students who are looking forward to pursuing a course in operation technology and anesthesiology in the top medical college in Rajasthan would find the best private colleges in the vicinity.

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