Quick Perks Of Ceramic Pots and Planters for your House

When you live in your house, you should pay attention to its vibe. Do you keep your house charming, clean, stylish and fresh? Come on, the way you look dashing in your best attires, your house can look really refreshing with the right decors. Indeed, when you pay attention to how your house looks, feel and stays; you bring a new life to your routine. You should invest in the right décor items for your house and you are surely going to get a great experience. Have you ever thought about ceramic home décor items? You have no idea how these items can bring a new vibe to your entire space. Whether bedrooms, foyer, kitchen, lobby or any other area of your house; it can become peppy and pleasing with the right décor items.

Now, what if you add up some really exciting and lovely ceramic decorative pots and planters in your house? Indeed, whether to add up plants in them or not, it is completely up to you. But before you talk about the ceramic planters or pots, have a quick look at why planters for your space.

Why Planters and Pots?

Planting pots come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, mainly now that home-based gardening is taking the entire world by storm. Most of them come from conveniently formed clay that is air-dried and that of glazed. They get moulded at high kiln temperatures to accomplish the desirable proper shape. A couple of years back, these plant-holders were actually expensive. However, there are a lot of affordable type of planters nowadays – the common ones being massive sized bowls. Most plant enthusiasts prefer a good and effective ceramic planter because of the following reasons.

Enhanced level of designs to choose from

Houseplants are never created equal. Some are small (anthurium, aloe, herbs, etc.), and some grow quite tall (snake plant, dracaena, ficus, and more .) You can choose from a wide and impressive array of designs, sizes, shades , and shapes, on the basis of what you will plant in it. Most pots are actually curved, so they are already visually really impressive and appealing. And it will inevitably turn out to be a conversation piece amongst your family as well as friends once they visit. Of course, you have no idea how the right streak of planters and pots bring a charm to your space. Dig in the variety that ceramic planters and you would feel amazed.

Immensely durable and substantial than plastic pots

There are two manners in which that top-heavy plants are going to benefit from containers made out of ceramics. First, in case there is a strong gale, it can actually guard or protect your plant against a bad tumble. Second, a heavy-duty planter grows with the overall plant by carrying its entire weight. So for as long as it is planted in a proper durable and heavy ceramic planter, the plant will not collapse  or tumble over. Of course, what if you have with so much of your effort and time nurtured a plant and because of its overweight it falls out of your planter? Come on, the planters for such plants have to be such that they look charming yet are really durable. Once the planter is durable, your planter would stay erect and absolutely safe.

Ensures sufficient air and moisture to plants 

Most of the planters or pots made out of ceramic are absorbent. Even when they are glazed, they help air and humidity in flowing via plants whenever necessary. The pot can then better ease the essential plant nutrients to simply course through the whole plants, encompassing the roots. It even traps moisture as well as fertiliser (in case any) in the soil for a healthier type of plant environment. Of course, once the environment created by your pot or planter is healthy and good, your plants are going to grow speedily and without any problems. You can be sure that your plants are safe and healthy. Of course, being the plant owners, you do nurture them like your baby, right? And for them, you would want the best house to grow in. Here, if ceramic is your choice for planters and pots, you are definitely on the right path.

Keep your plants safe against sudden drops in temperatures 

You should know that ceramic planters are quite functional and eco-friendly? They do not really seem to be so because of their intricate and gorgeous appearance. But most pots or planters have thick walls, and there is a reason for it other than that of simply or mere durability and stability. The planter shields the overall houseplant from sudden changes in temperature. During the hot and steamy summertime, it guards your greens against any sort of excessive heat absorption. It even traps moisture within the soil on hot summer days, so plant maintenance is not really a hassle as most non-plant folks may feel. Come on, you need to be sure that your plants stay safe and protected against any drop in the temperature. And if you are not around, your planter can do guard them if it is made up of ceramic.

Waterproof planters and pots 

Since there are myriad of designs and colours to choose from, you can easily go for or opt to station your plants indoors or outdoors. Most of these types of planters are already waterproof. So in case the time comes that you need to bring your other plants in your house, you can easily do so since your watering is not going to leave a big mess. Remember that planting your greens is quickly becoming a new norm in this present day generation. It is time that you guard and lengthen the life spans of your beloved herbs, houseplants, and even that of succulents by homing them in a ceramic pot or planter.


To sum up , you should invest in ceramic decorative items like pots and planters as they would be two-in-one. They would enhance the beauty of your house and also become the perfect house for your plants.

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