Read These Tips Before You Hire Security Companies

Here are some important tips to consider before you hire security companies

It is easy to say that hiring security officers is an easy process. But there are some things you should consider before making a decision on which security companies you will choose, how much you want to pay and whether you are getting the best value for your money. This blog will provide insider information and break down the process to help you choose the right security service provider and maximize your return on investment (ROI).

The most challenging questions you might face

There are many security guard companies to choose from, some even thousands. There are many security guard companies that you can choose from. These security companies will be divided into three (3) categories.

  • Large-Scale Security Companies (Above 700 security officers employed)
  • Medium Scale Security Companies (Between 500 – 700 security officers employed)
  • Small Scale Security Companies (With 1 to 150 security officers on their books

It can be difficult to choose from the many security companies available. Is this possible to ask yourself, “Should I look at the company’s size or how long they have been in business? Or should I consider their hourly rates?” Before you hire or contract security guards.

These are some of the questions you should ask before hiring security companies:

Security Concepts Services can help you answer these essential questions before you hire any security company to handle your event or contract.

Here are some things to consider first:

It all depends on whether you search online for security companies or through a local directory. Or, if someone has recommended security service companies. You might be considering a security tendering process to find the best security service, provider. Before you choose a security company to manage your site or event security service contract, I recommend that you consider the following.

Important Factors To Consider

They offer services: You can search online for security companies or in the local directory. Make sure you are attracted to the company’s website. Give them a call to find out what services they offer. There are many services that security companies offer, including loss prevention officers, events security guards, corporate security, concierge, cash in transit, and corporate security. If the company provides the service you require, do more research as I suggest below.

  • They offer services
  • Areas of specialization
  • Profile of a Company
  • Security Guards Rate and Remuneration
  • The size of the Security Company
  • They may also have certifications and licenses
  • Security company location
  • Public Liability Insurance Cover
  • Security company Current and Past clients if available
  • Google Review of the Company

Security companies in niche areas

You can now find out what their area of specialization is by visiting their website or checking their online presence. Many security companies offer many services, but they often specialize in just a few.

Company A may offer the same services as company “B”. Still, security company “B” may be specialized in one or more of the following areas: retail security, loss prevention officers, control room and monitoring security, and shopping center security.

You Need to Choose Whom To Take for Your Security Hire

I recommend that you choose a security company that is experienced in the area and field of security you need for your event or business. They will be the most qualified to manage your event and business with ease. Because they are most likely to have the ability and the experience.

You should also check if the security provider’s niche matches your needed services. Ask them questions to see if they offer custom security services. Always choose a specialist in your niche.

Company Profile: Before you hire or contract for your event or business, it is important to research the profile of the security company. One interesting fact is that although a large security company may specialize in security and require security guards, they might have negative publicity and a poor reputation. It could be due to some poor practices that they fail to provide the best service to clients or have problems with their employees.

Google can be used to check the reputation of a company and if any negative reviews have been attached. You don’t want to hire a security firm with a poor reputation. This could negatively impact your brand!

You can also contact a local independent security consultant if you’re still not sure. They will be able to help you research the security companies that you have shortlisted. Hire such consultants with caution. They could have a vested in particular security companies on your list and could make biased decisions.

Security Guards Rate and Remuneration:

Saving money is good for businesses. But you need to do it right when it comes to security for your events or business. You could save money today, but it will cost you more later. If you get quotes from multiple security companies for security personnel or crowd control, the prices you receive will likely vary. Some rates could be very high while others might be in the middle. The rest may be extremely affordable!

Security guards that offer meager rates should be avoided. If you get three people offering you the same lollies for $7 each, $2 for the second, and $0.50 respectively, you should be wary of security guard providers that offer such low rates. The lollies taste the same but the prices vary and you have more than $80 cash. You will be asking yourself why the third lolly is only $0.50. You would probably be concerned about whether the lolly is safe for human consumption.

The super-cheap security guard’s rates are almost identical. An industry secret is that every Australian security guard has a standard rate. This rate is set by the Fair Works Commission for Security Guards to be Paid. It is based on the day of the week, day or night shift, etc., and includes certain benefits.

Most security companies that offer low rates often under-remunerate their officers. This means that these security companies are engaged in wage theft. They will certainly provide their client with inept security guards and, sometimes, even unlicensed security officers.

They are also unable to hire experienced security officers to protect their client’s sites, businesses, or events due to the low wages they pay them. A licensed, right-thinking security officer who is experienced will not accept less.

This book could help you with the security manual

Find a book that we wrote about wage theft. Learn more about how it affects security guards at client sites and events. Security Adventure Service.

If a security company is offering you a ridiculously low rate, you should be cautious. It is more important to secure your event and business with the right type of security guards than just paying cheap prices.

They have the right to obtain certifications and licenses

This is what I will be sharing with you. It is an important consideration to make before you decide on which security companies to use for your events or business.

Take a look at this. How do they manage safety and health? What are their best practices management plans and certifications? Before they tender security companies, large Australian companies and government agencies take into account the following: OHSAS18001 and ISO9001.

Some security companies have this certification already, and others will once they win the contract. They can also sign an undertaking to obtain such certification within a specified period after winning the tender.

A security company’s management system and certifications can tell a lot about how it manages operations and standards.

License: Did you know that some security companies operate in the absence of a valid license from their respective states or territories? It is illegal in Australia to operate a security company without a valid license. How can you determine if the security company holds a valid private security license? Most security companies operating in Australia or Victoria have their security license on their websites. If they don’t, you can request their security license number. You can also contact them or visit the website of the Department of Justice. This will allow you access to the company business names and let you know if their security business license is valid. Click here to verify if you’re in Victoria.

Public Liability Insurance and Work Cover

Before you sign your security contract, request a Certificate of Currency from the company’s public liability insurance. Ask for their Work Cover Certificate’ if they do not have one.

Check out our blog “Security Company: Choose Carefully” to learn more about how to choose the right security company.

You can also visit this link to find answers to the most frequently asked questions about security guard hiring.

Security Hire Company You Can Trust

Thank you for reading our blog. We are a security firm that is known for its ethical practices. ICorp Security provides free advice and security service quotes to help you choose the right security guard services for your needs.

We offer the following security services:

  • Security guards for corporations
  • Security guards for retail
  • Loss prevention officers
  • Security guards for schools are available to hire
  • Event security services
  • Party security hiring
  • A Security for private functions
  • Security guards for facility management
  • Security guards for construction sites
  • Crowd control hiring

For bespoke security services, you can also contact one of our team members.

Our Management

The book Security Adventure Service is written by our Managing Director, a security industry expert. Our Events and Business Manager is a top-notch professional in the Australian events market.

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