Ready-made business plan for a beauty salon

Presenting an appearance is important to many people. Therefore, they are willing to invest in special procedures, cosmetics, and specialist visits to maintain their beauty. As you know, demand creates supply. Therefore, opening a company in the field of beauty has great potential and profits. As a serious business, the first step to success is to create a beauty salon business plan.

Why open a beauty salon?

  1. In the future, such a business could be expanded into an entire salon network.
  2. In this case, the name will start to work for you, and new investors for the business may emerge.
  3. To begin with, a minimum staff and a set of equipment are sufficient.
  4. No need to rent a large beauty salon room.
  5. If there is enough space for 2-3 masters (7 sq.m for one workplace ) – this is enough for the beginning of the full functioning of the company.
  6. Businesses show a high rate of development.
  7. However, even in times of crisis, people try to allocate money for self-treatment.
  8. The initial investment was relatively small.
  9. At the same time, adherence to the business plan will allow them to get it back in 9-12 months.

Beauty salon business plan: planning

Project summary

The beauty salon business plan begins with a summary of the future enterprise.

This is the shortest part of the plan but no less important.

The 5-6 introductory sentences should briefly reveal the essence of the project and interest the reader.

At this point, the entrepreneur describes in more detail the goals set for himself and, with the help of what methods he plans to achieve the desired.

The first includes:

  • make a profit from organizing beauty salons;
  • formulating a step-by-step development strategy;
  • Analysis and conclusions on project repayment.

The first purpose is the main one because all the steps of the entrepreneur are more focused on the salon’s opening.

Business plan information about the company

This business plan section contains the company name, location, and work schedule.

The salon location is most advantageous on the street with heavy pedestrian and car traffic, with parking.

An important condition for success is the absence of nearby competing companies.

The firm may be inside a mall or office building. But in that case, separate attention is paid to outdoor advertising, clear signage, and clear signage for visitors.

Beauty salon marketing plan

In the “Marketing” section of the business plan, the place of the project in the service market is determined, and the strength and presence of competitors.

In the prepared document Analysis and explanation of the following factors should be included:

  1. The tendency in the expansion of the field of beauty and services in the current environment.
  2. Analysis of how the placement will affect the success of the salon.
  3. Information on customer base: age, gender, income level, etc.
  4. The ad campaign will be analyzed when the salon opens and is promoted.
  5. Information about competitors, their advantages, and features.

Currently, the decision to open a beauty salon shows a high level of profitability.

With a competent approach to company placement and promotion, there is every opportunity to gain a steady flow of customers.

Target the project audience

The vast majority of beauty salon clients in the current business plan are women aged 25-34. However, the segment represented by 14-18-year-olds has also grown in recent years.

Girls and boys strive to organize themselves orderly, trying to minimize the manifestations of adolescence.

The average income of the target audience depends entirely on the type of salon.

Advertising campaign for salons

However, there are several options for cheap but effective ad campaigns for your business plan now:

  • Adding a map.
  • To get publishing results, you usually don’t have to pay more. So be sure to check out this geographic directory!
  • Gift certificate.
  • You can’t imagine how often people give each other advanced beauty salon services.
  • These grants are considered necessary, universal, and often affordable. The introduction of this service will attract new customers to you.
  • Ads in the forum.
  • The women’s section of the Internet space spends a lot of time on forums. And trust the recommendations received there.
  • If your service is recommended in one of the promoted communities, expect a new flow of customers.
  • The main thing is not to order the writing of a compliment smell that has nothing to do with the statement. Then you will only give a damaged reputation to yourself.
  • Social media.

Project services

To decide on the list of necessary equipment, consumables and employees, you need to provide in the business list a list of services that will be provided in the beauty salon.

  1. Hair care: men’s and women’s haircuts, hairstyles, wedding and evening hairstyles, and hair care with special methods and procedures.
  2. Nail care: a variety of activities devoted to pedicures and manicures.
  3. Beauty specialist services.
  4. Skincare: procedures using special cosmetics, massage. While expanding the list of services, a solarium can be included here.

Salon staff

Organizing a beauty salon requires the following staff:

  • Administrator.
  • Responsibilities include: receiving orders, purchasing inventory, managing finances, and coordinating other teamwork.
  • Hairdressers.
  • Since women’s haircuts are statistically more popular, it is necessary to hire two generals for women’s rooms and one for men’s.
  • Massager.
  • Nail care specialist.
  • In the early stages, one person is enough.
  • After that, the state can grow.
  • A beautician who also works as a makeup artist.

The staff at the time of opening of the salon will number seven people, not including the chief.

Beauty salon business plan: implementation

“Those who want to get rich should think they should spend more time working and less time for passive rest.”

Project implementation schedule

With the help of a project implementation plan scheduled for months, business startups can control the process of opening a salon on time.

For each stage, a person in charge is appointed, and a description of the action required is given.

  1. Future salon owners are registered as entrepreneurs, create an emergency, and order a seal.
  2. The required work permit is also issued.
  3. The last thing can take months. For example, to receive a paper on fire safety, the salon premises must have been repaired and adjusted to the norm.
  4. We are looking for space for a beauty salon.
  5. This process can also be time-consuming, as the biggest part of the success depends on future locations.
  6. So there is no need to rush.
  7. It is necessary to indicate who will ship the product and at what time.
  8. The search for employees for the beauty salon began.

Monthly expenses

Based on the amount given in the business plan, you can calculate the project’s estimated profitability and rate of return.

what to consider when opening a beauty salon –

look at this video!

Beauty salon income and reimbursement

To include in the beauty salon business plan a section that describes the repayment of the project, it is important to indicate an estimate of monthly income.

For this business, the nature of the season.

Customers’ peak is at the end of spring when they want to renew themselves and meet the beautiful and tidy warmth. In the summertime, there is a decline in demand for services due to holidays and a decline in household income. The next peak falls in the period before the New Year for obvious reasons.

On average, a hairdresser serves 10-12 customers every day.

Monthly expenses are deducted from this amount. Considering these figures, you can calculate the repayment period of the project. It will be 7-9 months.

Opening a beauty salon is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance.

The most important step in determining where the path to success of an entrepreneur starts is. This document not only allows you to get an investment or a loan from a bank. But, first of all, he helps project startups to outline plans for enterprise expansion.

A business plan doesn’t just have to be made and put on a long track. You must keep going back to control: is your beauty salon evolving in the right direction?

If you put time and effort into the process, success will not last long!


  • Hairdressing salon (including hair extensions);
  • Manicure and pedicure (including nail lengthening);
  • Epilation;
  • Cosmetology, including hardware;
  • Body care (wraps, massages);
  • Tanning in the solarium.

Market analysis

Target audience – people aged 18-45 years. Most Good choice of location-sleeping areas builds multi-story buildings. In this case (subject to accommodation in large cities), about 30-40 thousand people will be potential customers of the institution.

Before starting work, analyze all the institutions in the area, their list of services, and pricing policy. Then, expand your advantages for each competitor. For example, the “protection” of a large company would be a service only you offer, a bright sign, a democratic price.

Business organization

This paragraph describes registering entrepreneurial activities, obtaining permits, and choosing the taxation system.

You can use a package of documents: permission from the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station, State Fire Inspection. You need a medical license for cosmetic procedures, hair removal, and massage. When calculating how much it costs to open a beauty salon, start with these costs.

Marketing plan

For customers to contact you, develop a competitive advantage. For example, a middle price segment with high quality, various procedures, discounts, and bonuses for regular customers.

Images and ads

To start such a business from scratch, you need:

  • Outside sign (about $500);
  • Corporate identity development, logo ($ 100-150);
  • Website development and promotion ($ 150-350);
  • Printed materials submitted: brochures, business cards ($ 150);
  • Popular lodging women’s magazine (about $ 300).

Images and ads

To start such a business from scratch, you need:

  • Outside sign (about $500);
  • Corporate identity development, logo ($ 100-150);
  • Website development and promotion ($ 150-350);
  • Printed materials submitted: brochures, business cards ($ 150);
  • Popular lodging women’s magazine (about $ 300).

Promotion channel

You can promote the institution effectively using the site and the community on social networks (Facebook, Instagram). The most important channel is the customers themselves, word of mouth.

Sales promotion methods

You can increase demand and attract attention with promotions:

  1. Opening ceremony with gift drawings and distribution of discount certificates.
  2. When ordering a set of procedures, the first procedure is free. This will help visitors be confident in your method’s effectiveness and will not intimidate “unreasonable costs.”

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