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Recover Deleted SQL Records in A Smart Manner

Users often face various difficulties when tehy accidentally delete sensitive data from their SQL server database. They need to recover deleted SQL records but tehy do not have adequate knowledge to do so. This is exactly where we analyze the problem & try our level best to provide users with the best results. There are basically three ways by which users can get their database files back along with all the records.

It’s quite difficult for them to restore deleted SQL records without being technically proficient in the SQl server technicalities. This is why, through this guide, users can be technically wise too. We’re mentioning at the beginning of the article that manual solutions are quite complex. This is why despite having two manual solutions, users & IT experts always prefer the automated solution.

We have to through all three solutions here. This way, we can learn the best way of getting back the deleted records of the SQL server. Let’s start with the manual solutions followed by the automated tool for recovery of SQL database deleted records.

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Restore Deleted Data SQL Server Using Manual Method

If you guys want to go for a manual solution, then having a complete backup of the database is very crucial. This way, users can save time and effort. They can also minimize the chances of errors. However, as it is a manual solution, there is still some scope for errors left here.

As per recent surveys, users who maintain frequent & up-to-date backups of their SQL server database, suffer less damage during any accidental or intentional deletion of data.

As we know that a differential backup does not work properly in every scenario, we need to be careful of it. There are plenty of prerequisites present if users want to execute the operation using this way.

Follow the steps mentioned below to recover deleted SQL records if you have a full backup already:

  1. The very first task here is to simply restore the backup of your SQL database.
  2. Now users need to keep both of their databases individually or separated.
  3. Here, the objective is to find out the data not present in the live database.
  4. Finally, users have to perform the UPDATE operation on altered records.

LSN Method to Recover Deleted SQL Records Safely

LSN means a Log Sequence Number. Each record in any SQL server table has its own LSN in a unique log file. This way, users can recover the deleted data if they know the exact time of deletion. Users must have the full recovery model or the logged recovery model if they need to execute the recovery. This is the prerequisite of this method.

1st-Step. Check existing rows number in the table from which the data is deleted. Use the below command for that:

SELECT * FROM Table_name=

2nd-Step. Here, users need to take a log backup to proceed further.

USE DatabaseName
BACKUP LOG [DatabaseName]
TO DISK = N’D:\DatabaseName\RDDTrLog.trn’
NAME = N’DatabaseName-Transaction Log Backup’,

3rd-Step. Try to get the transaction ID of the records you accidentally deleted. This way, you can get the information of rows deleted.

USE DatabaseName
Select [Current LSN] LSN], [Transaction ID], Operation, Context, AllocUnitName
fn_dblog(NULL, NULL)

4th-Step. To restore deleted SQL records, try to find the specific time of data deletion. Transaction ID helps in getting this information. Therefore, you can get the LSN.

USE DatabaseName
[Current LSN], Operation, [Transaction_ID], [Begin Time], [Transaction_Name], [Transaction SID]
fn_dblog(NULL, NULL)
[Transaction ID] = ‘000:000001f3′
[Operation] = ‘LOP_BEGIN_XACT’

5th-Step. Start recovering the data deleted accidentally using the below command.

Recover Deleted D USE DatabaseName
DISK = ‘D:\DatabaseName\RDDFull.bak’
WITHMOVE ‘DatabaseName’ TO ‘D:\RecoverDB\DatabaseName.mdf’,
MOVE ‘DatabaseName_log’ TO ‘D:\RecoverDB\DatabaseName_log.ldf’,

6th-Step. At last, check if you’re database objects are back or not.

USE DatabaseName_Copy GO Select * from Table_name

The Automated Solution to Get the Perfect Results

The automated solution that we have requires highly advanced SQL Server Recovery Software in use. This way, users can recover deleted SQL records in the best way possible without any hassles.

After downloading the tool, simply install it on your server & then go through the step-by-step tutorial as mentioned below with the respective images.

Step-1. Launch the Automated Tool & Go to the Open option.


Step-2. Now, Select the Quick or Advance Scan options here.


Step-3. Preview the Database Objects & Go to Export option.


Step-4. Select Destination as Server / SQL Script File option.


Step-5. Finally, Click the Export button and finish the operation.

recover deleted SQL records

Top features of the Tool to Restore Deleted Data SQL Server

  • Repair damaged database objects.
  • Recover the deleted database objects.
  • Advance filters for selective recovery tasks.
  • Recover & export multiple files (MDF & NDF).
  • Export data into the CSV format after recovery.
  • Decrypt the SQL server encrypted scripts in the live server.

The Final Say

After learning all these methods to recover deleted SQL records, we are finally at the end of this article. It’s crucial for us to simply focus on the automated solution. As we saw the manual solutions are quite hectic & difficult to execute by new users. Moreover, they are highly technical which is not a good sign for users without knowledge of technicalities.

To restore deleted data SQL server, the above-mentioned automated tool is a very affordable solution. In addition, it offers a free demo version for users to recover, save & export 25 records per table with 5 other objects. This way users can test it & make the purchase decision wisely.

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