Rise of custom logo design and animated logo

Graphic Designers and social media

As new graphical elements have come, graphic designers have to stay with the most trending and latest software, updating their work. This means Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After effects, etc. There’s no place for old school. Agencies and businesses require a portfolio to see which graphic designer is the best for custom logo design. Facebook and Instagram are now interacting as portfolios for clients more than ever before.

Thanks to these social media forums, designers have reached out to a much bigger cliental audience without any limitation regarding the location or place. The world is now all about skills; for example, a logo designer can be sitting in Pakistan working for a client in the UK.


As technology grows, so does the demand for custom logo design services, from a startup to a well-established company. Perfection is required on all grounds, especially for custom logo design. Since logos are the identification of a brand and pulls in the audience, a poor logo means a poor cliental base. Still, a good logo will convey professionalism, authenticity, and quality.

Designers have to be extremely careful and up to date as companies can’t be fooled by old ways; they prefer personalization and pay for customization. Certain companies go to certain heights that drive the designer crazy with their specifications, altering their logo now and then before it’s introduced in the market.

Although the market for graphic designers is high as their salary, seeing that no one can make their way with a few graphical tools and apps to turn to help. As custom logo design make their way and are now preferred by all businesses. Brands are now concentrating on animation, making sure most of their post are animated. Sometimes animated posts are more interesting than short videos introducing the company.  

Creating a logo

Apps such as Canva are easily approachable, and people have taken out an easy way for logo creation. Little do they know that creating a logo on Illustrator or Photoshop is vital as quality matters. Apps will provide great templates but limit the choices and give cheap quality. Therefore driving clients, these apps are made only for social media apps like Instagram and Facebook.

However, it is best to create a logo on either Photoshop or illustrator created by a professional, as pixilation is a big problem for everyone. Pixilation can even be a problem in posts and videos when the template logo is enlarged or minimized for a promotional post. One must not forget it affects printing the most when concerned with large printouts such as banners.

Distraction problem

Speaking of customization, there are a lot of custom logo design companies that customize the logo and animate them. Therefore a logo has to be out of the world kind as distraction has become a significant problem, and most companies prefer animated logo, customizing them by their business’s needs.

They think and know that a business will be able to pull more traffic. They are appealing to people more if there’s a little movement, such as the icon slightly moving or the colors of the logo blinking, giving it a different look and having impacting people. It is certain that it will draw the attention of each eye in the world.

This thought is completely true as people nowadays have lost the patience that individuals once had. Still, logos will definitely be considered boring in regard to an animated one. Every individual prefers a little movement. Animation is in demand the most, and when it comes to logos, it’s a completely different story. As it makes the logo prominent, separating it from the still ones with its colors and icon, enhancing it with its graphical elements and appeals to the public.

The more a service is demanded, the higher its price. Online sites are minting money as they provide templates for one’s choices. Making life more manageable and faster, these sites are costly. There are also custom logo design free online sites. However, logos have not just become animated, but as technology has risen, people now crave for 3d logos. This means a 3D animated logo. Since the era of social media has begun, the need for custom logo design has also risen, doubling. 

Budget and limitations

Not everyone can get a custom logo design made. When on a tight budget, one must settle on satisfactory. This doesn’t mean to refer to pixilation; it could only lead to a bad mark. No one wants that as then the business would never run. Like it’s said for books and movies, ‘the introduction has to be appealing’; otherwise, it won’t last long.

For a business to reach a growth period, the beginning has to be strong and solid; investment is a must. However, one has to watch their budget, and the quality of the product defines the company for eternity; but this doesn’t mean going for the most expensive as custom logo design does costly to a regular logo. One wrong move can have the business done. However, all businesses have a time where they shine if dealt with accurately.

Companies prefer logo animation

Custom logo design has quite a competition in this world as meems and gifs become more innovative. Logo animation is the best thing for a company as they are able to tell a company’s story more clearly rather than just catch the eye. Brand awareness is created the most; these logos are more inspiring and lifts the personality, giving a more professional look as well as saying we are the best.

These logo are to be used for websites, social media, promotions, presentations, and email signatures. A website is not just giving out information, promotion, and answer questions, but they form user opinions. A good website means a good opinion. If the website includes motion graphics and an innovative animated logo. It will give a good impression on the user, making him come back.

Promoting businesses

Animation is crucial to promote one’s business; brands look for appealing content, trying to put their own stamp. Thus during promotions logo with animation can be a great asset. Nobody likes boring presentations, especially not clients, and logo animation might be the selling point for businesses. Email marketing is a powerful tool, and logo animation can leave people smiling.

Thus in today’s world, logo animation is more craved as businesses turn to it, and designers that provide this charge like that as well. Creating an animated logo with customization that meets the business needs is extremely difficult. Various graphic designers provide various kinds of work; not all graphic designers can do logo animation. However, each is proficient in their own skills. Therefore designers should not promise things they aren’t able to deliver, letting the customer down in the end as the customer has to provide answers ahead as well.

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