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Risks Involved with Mild Cognitive Impairment | Paid Companion for Elderly UK

Mild cognitives impairment (MCI) is one of the most common disorders in the elderly. As we age, we become more at risk for MCI. Because of this disorder, elderly companions can have a hard time carrying out their normal everyday tasks, which is why they might need to consider a paid companion for elderly U.K.

But, apart from this, there are various other risks involved with a mild cognitive impairment which we are going to talk about in this article.

What is Mild Cognitive Impairment?

Before we head over to talk about the risks involved with Mild Cognitive Impairment. Let’s first talk about what MCI really is.

Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) is a disorder that is mostly present in the elderly. In this condition, the elderly suffer from the early stage of memory loss, which becomes more severe for individuals as they age. 

Other symptoms of Mild Cognitive Impairment include language problems, short attention span, declining reasoning and judgment, inability to make complex decisions, and so on.

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As far as the diagnosis of Mild Cognitive Impairment is involved, there is no specific test to determine or confirm the diagnosis of this disorder. But, in most cases, doctors decide whether Mild Cognitive Impairment is the reason behind your symptoms of memory loss, short attention span, and other symptoms you will provide them with to help clarify the diagnosis.

What are the risks involved with Mild Cognitive Impairment?

Cognitive difficulties

One of the strongest risk factors for Mild Cognitive Impairment is increasing age. As individuals turn 30, their thinking abilities are at their peak. But, these thinking abilities also decline very subtly with age. 

This slowness in thinking and other cognitive difficulties also include a shortened attention span. Inability to multitask, inability to hold information in mind for a long time, and being forgetful. 

 Studies have shown that elderly individuals who are aged between 70 and 79. Have almost three times the risk of developing Mild Cognitive Impairment. As compared to those elderly individuals who are aged between 60 and 69.

Alzheimer’s disease

Mild cognitive impairment is associated with an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s disease is another brain disorder that is most common in the elderly. And is seen to destroy memory and thinking skills.

In most people with the disease — those with the late-onset type symptoms first appear in their mid-60s. Research has shown that individuals or elderly suffering from Mild Cognitive Impairment, later on, develop Alzheimer’s disease. In most cases, Mild Cognitive Impairment is seen to be an early stage of Alzheimer’s disease.


In a single year, around 10% to 20% of Passion Tree Homecare Services Ltd and individuals tagged 65 and above had developed Dementia. Dementia is another disorder that is caused by the loss of memory, language. And other cognitive abilities that can hinder an individual to carry out the simplest everyday tasks.

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