SEO Services: All The Common Questions Answered

SEO Services: All The Common Questions Answered

SEO or search engine optimization refers to all the activities that an expert carries out to improve the visibility, ranking, and traffic of a business or blogging website. After making a business online or present on the internet, the owner tries to make it visible to customers looking for respective products or services. 

The owner wants to draw traffic to the website for selling particular products or services. In this regard, they look for the best SEO company. When they start their search, they have numerous queries. It can happen with you if you are willing to drive traffic to your site. So, have a look at those common questions or queries with respective answers:

What is SEO? 

Search engine optimization or SEO is a set of techniques applied to enhance visibility, enhance ranking and draw traffic to a business website. With tricks, the website gets visible on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. 

What are the benefits of hiring SEO services or optimising your site for search engines?

After optimising your business website, you have increased visibility, boosted credibility, know your competitors, increased traffic, and improved loyalty among customers. 

What are the types of SEO?

Usually, there are three types of SEO. Some experts call it having four types. Have a brief look at all those SEO types:

  • White hat SEO – It is the best and most used SEO type, as it follows the guidelines of search engines. 
  • Black Hat SEO – It is a set of techniques used to violate the guidelines of search engines to drive traffic instantly. Usually, business owners should avoid it. 
  • Grey Hat SEO – It is a middle way and a mix of White and Black Hat techniques.  
  • Negative SEO – It refers to the techniques used to make competitors down on search engines by destroying their reputation.

What are included in SEO Services?

Usually, it is hard to disclose the inclusions of SEO services. It is, as experts customise an SEO package as per the exact needs of a business or offer a few basic to standard SEO packages. In general, a basic SEO package includes content creation, on-page optimisation, technical SEO, keyword insertion, off-page optimisation, and reporting with limited activities. So, you should consult an expert or an SEO company for having more knowledge on the inclusions in SEO services. 

Should you optimise each page of your business website?

In simple words, yes. You should optimise every single page of your business or blogging website. It will facilitate you to improve ranking and drive traffic on the keywords you have listed. If you have a website offering a lot of products or services, or a blogging site, you can optimise category pages. However, you should consult a digital marketing company to know more about SEO tactics. 

How much time does SEO take to start bringing results?

Earlier, you can expect to have positive outputs through SEO in 3 months. Now, the time has changed a lot. However, you need to wait for at least six months to see significant changes through the use of SEO tactics. Keep in mind your effort will go in vain if you stop your SEO work after getting the desired results. You need to keep optimising your business website constantly. 

How much does SEO cost?

It is also a tough question to answer. Estimating the cost is hard, as your business and its needs are different from others. Getting in touch with the representatives of an SEO company or an expert can help you have an idea about SEO cost for your business. Usually, it will depend on the number of keywords you want to target. It can cost you around 1000 INR or 5$ per keyword a month. The expert will guide you better. 

Can an SEO company give a guarantee of ranking?

Most SEO companies following ethical practices can’t produce any ranking guarantee. However, they can assure you on driving traffic to your business or blogging website and improving your keyword ranking. You should stay away from the digital marketing company claiming to produce guaranteed ranking within a short period. Instead of having long-term benefits, they can let your site close for quick results.  

Which is better – on-page optimisation or off-page optimisation?

Usually, both are equally important for your website health. You should optimise it through off-page and on-page optimisation activities. 

How to find the best SEO company for your business?

It is only you who can answer this question well. However, you can find an ideal one by having a look at on the following points:

  • Market reputation & existence 
  • Available allied services 
  • Real-client reviews 
  • The expertise in serving businesses of your sector 
  • Work approach 
  • Package cost 
  • Availability to answer your queries 
  • Work portfolio   


In the current digital world, being present on the internet and digital platform is crucial for you. Hiring SEO services can help you a lot in this regard. Having an idea about SEO can help you hire the best company and services for optimising your business website for search engines.

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