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Should You Opt for Sky Replacement in Real Estate Photo Editing

If you are a real estate agent, your weapon is your real estate images. You need them to sell your properties, and hence, they need to be picture-perfect as well. But, how will you pull it off? When virtual staging demands attention to minute details of an image, how can you attain your properties’ error-free and attractive images? 

Of course, there are many real estate photo editing solutions, and one of them which creates a huge impact is sky replacement. Hence, in this article, we will check out the main attributes of sky replacement in photo editing that make it so important in a real estate photo.  

The Main Elements of Sky Replacement in Real Estate Images 

Google real estate photography tips, and you will always find a portion crowned for sky replacement because the articles written by the experts are also aware of the difference this particular tool can create.  

Let’s understand what makes it so important. 

The Color of the Sky 

There are people who love the sunset, and there are people who like it bright and sunny. The preference of the color of the sky, in fact, tells the personality of the person. Did you know that? When an element can tell about the traits of humankind, don’t you think it has the ability to be the deciding factor of choosing a property? Believe it or not, it has! Whether it is the picture of a garage or the front of a lawn, the color of the sky sets the mood for the viewer.

If you ask me, a bright sunny day in front of the lawn looks pretty amazing – the grasses look greener, the pool looks blue, the sunlight somehow enhances the beauty. However, if the same light is used to click images of the backyard near the garage, it might not look soothing to the eyes. It is a kind of an image that can make people think, the day is hot, and no one likes sweats and salt. However, what should you do if you want to take an image of the garage when the sky is not too sunny or cloudy, rather in-between? Wait for the weather? Not really! That’s where the magic of sky replacement takes place.  

The Sky Hours  

Just like you can’t control the weather, you can’t always be still with your camera to click pictures, either. To top it all, when you have the option of sky replacement, why go through such a fuss? If the images are clicked on a gloomy day, replacing the sky with a bright sunny time of the day makes the image look appealing. Set the mood of the viewers with the help of the sky replacement tool. So, the moment the potential buyers see your property images, they don’t get the gloomy vibe. The images should look bright and dramatic enough to make them look approachable.  

Filling Up Gaps 

It is often noticed that while editing the sky, a few portions are left out if not handled by expert property photo editing services. It usually happens when the editor uses the lasso tool to replace the sky color. Having been removed with a lasso tool and pasting another sky image using the cutting-pasting formula leads to such catastrophe. To ensure and minimize the work of an amateur, retouching all the sides is of utmost importance. Even a thread line mistake in the image ruins the viewer’s interest quite easily.  

Merging Real and Reality   

Sure, you need to edit the images, but expert editing is reflected when the line of real and reality vanishes. It should look so real that people should get the illusion of authenticity. It is the element of relatability that makes people feel like grabbing the opportunity to get the property. Real estate photo editing solutions can’t teach you common sense but only the technicalities and tips.  

Is it Right to Edit Real Estate Pictures? 

Until and unless you are changing the main elements of the property, it is fair. A bit of editing is required to make the property look as brilliant as it feels for real. Whether that calls for sky replacement, photo manipulation, dust removal, or any other kind of retouching, especially when it comes to sky replacement, it is not a kind of change that is done on the properties but the sky. So, by any means, the sky replacement tool does not hoodwink the buyers.  


Remember, you always have the option to keep it natural, but if your images look dull because of the time of the day or whether it is best suited to opt for real estate photo editing services. 



Sumul Padharia

Sumul Padharia, a man of many talents is a BDE by profession at IIPVAPI, a world leader in photo editing services. He is also a photographer by passion and a cricketer by heart, but his first love is delivering client success through premium grade image editing services. In his free time, you can find him honing his aim in front of a dart board

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