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Signs That You Need a Dedicated Development Team

The dedicated development team approach to outsourcing software development enables tight, ongoing collaboration between the client and the developers. Similar in popularity to FP and T&M models, it is another popular form of teamwork.

When you hire a dedicated development team, you have access to experts that have been specifically chosen to help your company succeed. They will function much as an outside team member would.

As instead of dealing with the administrative, human resources, tax, and social benefits challenges that come with hiring an employee, you can concentrate on operating your company when you work with a dedicated team. You may focus on more strategic areas of your business, however, if you have development partners to help you out.

The dedicated team model offers you with a carefully chosen group of experts whose single responsibility is to complete your project. They also save money on overhead expenses.

Who Represents a Dedicated Team?

As such, your development team might include;

  • Front-end and back-end, full-stack engineers, mobile developers;
  • UX/UI designers
  • DevOps engineers
  • Quality assurance specialists
  • Business analysts
  • Product managers
  • Project managers

Here Are Three Signs That You Need a Dedicated Development Team

A dedicated team is a good option for large, moment projects that may eventually need more hands. In the event that your project requires a discovery stage due to a lack of product-market fit, the best option is to form a dedicated development team to work on the problem.


Early-Stage Startups

With the potential for explosive growth, a dedicated company should seriously consider hiring up with a full-time development team. Rapid team building means less time and money spent on hiring new employees and quicker product design. To free up time for more important tasks, your in-house team may collaborate with an augmented one.


Work With Unclear Requirements


When your project needs a discovery stage due to a lack of product-market fit, the dedicated team is the way to go. It might take months of testing and interviews before things are stabilised since the discovery phase provides the basis for the rest of the project’s development approach. As there are no financial constraints in the dedicated team model, you are free to devote all of your time and effort to the discovery stage.

Long-Term Projects

The dedicated team model is most effective for large, complex, ongoing projects that can support future growth. With a strong team of developers behind you, you can bring your project to reality. Members of the team are dedicated to working hard to finish the task at hand. Whatsapp and other Internet powerhouses also need investigation. They hired a talented team of programmers to help them build their iOS app. Apple, American Express, IBM, Amazon, etc. are just a few of the many huge companies that employ dedicated teams.



In conclusion, for projects with various confusing needs, a dedicated team is best for ambitious startups and growing tech businesses. The dedicated partnership is the best choice for such businesses because it offers the lowest total cost of ownership and allows them to build a team consisting of only the most qualified specialists in their field. Everything you want to know about whether or not you need a dedicated team is all here.


If you’re still unclear about the best partnership structure for your business, however, don’t be hesitant to reach out to Nuvento and hire a dedicated development team. If you work with Nuvento, they’ll choose the best team for you.

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