Simple steps to Move QuickBooks Company File to a New Computer

Transfer of files may require a lot of technical work and time, and effort if done manually. To save all this, the authorities have meticulously designed a transfer tool that assists users in ‘Move QuickBooks Company File to a New Computer.’ You can easily migrate the last three files and many requisite components with this migrator tool. But then, before employing the tool, we need to take care of certain aspects, which you will find in this blog below. We have also mentioned the steps to effectively and securely transfer the data.

Transferring data is a critical job, and even a single misstep can result in the loss of data, data corruption, or any other technical issue. Therefore, you should contact the QuickBooks Data Transfer Experts at ‘1.855.738.2784’

Prerequisites to Move QuickBooks Company File to a New Computer

Before proceeding with the data migration, we need to keep a few factors in check, which are as follows:

  • Firstly, you must have the product and the license information handy.
  • Delete the QuickBooks software because you must install it in the new workstation.
  • Next, you have to install the QuickBooks installation files, or you can also attach the QuickBooks installation CD to the new system and then install the QB software.
  • In case you have the QuickBooks data viz. Product information and the License data, but you are deprived of the QuickBooks installation files; then you can install those files from the official website of ‘Intuit.’
  • If you reinstall the QuickBooks software or you install it in a new system, then you need to register again, which you can do by following the below-given steps:
    • Move to the ‘help’ menu and click on the ‘Register QuickBooks’ option.
    • Insert the ‘business phone number’ followed by inserting the ‘postal code’ and other required details.
    • Your registration will be recorded automatically in the new system as well.

You have to register only once in either of the systems (new or old.) If you have transferred the QB software, then it’s mandatory to move the company files as well.

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Data that Migratory Tool is capable of transferring

Here is a list of data that gets transferred through the migratory tool:

  • Past three company files along with supporting files.
  • QuickBooks Templates, Letters & Local Attachments
  • Printer settings along with memorized reports and spell checker
  • Financial Statement Designer along with Layout Designer
  • Business planner (.bpw file)
  • QuickBooks Loan Manager (.lmr)
  • Cash flow and Statement Writer
  • QuickBooks Enterprises’ Advanced Reports

Other things such as Multi-user set configuration,

Payroll or payment services of QuickBooks will not be copied due to security reasons and will not be TRANSFERRED.

How to employ the Migratory Tool

Before moving forward with the migration process, ensure that you have a stable internet connection in both the systems, and you must have 150-200 MB of free space in the storage drive. Follow the steps below to use the Migratory Tool:

In the Old System:

  • Move to the ‘File’ menu, and then in the menu bar of ‘QuickBooks,’ you have to select ‘utilities.’
  • Click on ‘Move QuickBooks to another computer.’
  • Finally, select ‘I am ready’ and then curate a ‘One Time Password.’
  • In the old system, you must select the ‘pen drive’ you will use to store the QB.
  • Wait till the file transfer process is completed.

In the new system:

  • Now in the new system, insert the same pen drive and then locate the ‘Move_QuickBooks.bat’ file and run it on the pen drive.
  • Insert the One Time Password that you created.
  • Finally, click on ‘Let’s go’ and wait till the process gets completed.

These are all the things you need to know if you want to ‘Move QuickBooks Company File to a New Computer.’ Call us at ‘1.855.738.2784’ and contact the QuickBooks IT experts for additional technical aid.

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