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Some Tips You should follow for IELTS Reading Test

IELTS Reading Test

IELTS Reading Test

Reading for IELTS is a vital skill for IELTS reading test and in daily life. If reading speed is low, reading can become a frustrating experience, which reduces reading interest and slows reading progress. Here are some tips you should follow for IELTS reading test.

“I am reading English books but I cannot finish them because my reading speed is too slow,” said one of my students recently.

Speed Up your IELTS Reading Test Performance

Reading Speed for IELTS Reading Test

High reading speed helps us to enjoy reading more and can mean the difference between passing and failing an exam. It allows you to read more material in less time so we can fit it in with other activities such as work or study.

Factors of Reading Speed

There are several factors that affect our reading speeds:

Inheritance from family

Some people have faster eye movements than others and this affects their reading speed.

Age Factor Also Matters

From reading research it appears that reading speed slows down as we age, although reading techniques can compensate for slowing reading speeds.

How much reading you do?

Reading more means our reading speeds will improve.

Type of Text You Read

Some types of texts are easier to read than others and this makes them quicker to read;

Interest in the Material

If you are interested in reading material, it tends to be read at a faster rate.

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Reduce Sub Vocalization

Sub vocalization is reading with your voice and happens automatically without our attention. It slows down reading because we need to say each word as we read it – perhaps at around 200 words per minute – which is slower than reading without sub-vocalizing (around 400 words per minute). One quick way to reduce sub-vocalizing is to try the “breathing” exercise: breathe in normally for 3 seconds; hold for 2 seconds; exhale slowly over 4 seconds; pause for 2 seconds; repeat three times, then read silently. You will find that reading fluently and quickly becomes easier.

Increase Reading Speed by Absorbing More Words at a Time

Each reading fixation – or each time we look at a word – is called a “fixation”. To increase reading speed, we need to reduce the number of fixations needed to read and absorb information whilst reading. This means increasing our reading span: the number of words we can effectively take in before needing to make another eye movement. The best way to do this is through reading as much as possible from authentic material such as newspapers, magazines and non-fiction books. We build up our reading spans gradually as that number increases over time because it’s an automatic process involving many different skills including vocabulary knowledge and reading comprehension strategies.

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