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Study Guide for MS 101: What You Should Know

Guide for MS 101

To prepare for the MS-101, you must learn all the topics thoroughly and learn them over time. To obtain the Microsoft MS-101 certification, candidates must be IT professionals responsible for planning, implementing, migrating, and maintaining Microsoft 365 solutions. In addition, an enterprise administrator is responsible for all aspects of managing Microsoft 365 tenants, including identity management, security, compliance, support technologies, and cloud computing.

Can anyone take the examination?

  • Applicants should possess a thorough understanding of Microsoft 365 applications. Furthermore, they should have experience administering one of the Microsoft 365 products (SharePoint, Exchange, Skype for Business, or Windows as a Service).

The applicants must also understand server administration, IT fundamentals, and networking such as Active Directory, DNS, and PowerShell.

Objectives of the course

MS-101 exam candidates should strive to gain knowledge and skills in one or more of the following areas: Microsoft online courses are available:

  • Implementing the latest technologies
  • Manage security and threats using Microsoft 365
  • Manage the compliance and governance of Microsoft 365

Study Guide for Exam MS-101

To achieve this Microsoft-certified professional status, there are a few fundamentals and key resources to consider.

Microsoft Documentation

In the Microsoft documentation for cloud security, there are various learning pages. Therefore, it is easy to learn about DevOps fundamentals using Microsoft documentation. In addition, you can gain a detailed understanding of the various Azure services by looking at the Microsoft documentation. Therefore, you will be able to learn so much about Azure technology directly from industry experts and work by the clock.

Training led by instructors

It is possible to receive training both online and from an instructor through Microsoft artificial intelligence. Essentially, these instructor-led courses consist of on-demand classroom sessions that can be scheduled at any time and anywhere convenient for you. You will have an edge on the Microsoft MS-101 exam by attending these Microsoft MS-101 training sessions. Therefore, once you have located a Microsoft training provider, you should head to the company’s website to complete the registration process.

Participation in online forums

Enrolling in study groups or online forums is entirely up to the individual, suggesting that they are not compulsory but rather an option. MS-101 candidates can participate in several study groups and discussion forums to increase their confidence as they prepare for the exam. It is the most effective method of connecting with other individuals  on a similar journey as you are through online forums. You may ask for clarification or simply offer advice to the candidate You may ask for clarification or simply offer advice to the candidate if understanding is complex. 

Books and publications

Books are the oldest form of study and are still the most effective. By reading books, information is acquired in a meaningful and in-depth way. Moreover, this allows you to understand the exam’s topics better. Furthermore, you can locate numerous books and publications available for purchase. The following are a couple of books that can assist your preparation for the Microsoft MS-101 course exam:

Practicing for the test

Along with Microsoft certification courses and Microsoft certification training, self-evaluation is the final step in preparation. In addition, self-evaluation can assist you in identifying your primary strengths and weaknesses. Finally, after you have finished your entire syllabus, remember to begin Microsoft MS-101 practice exams. Taking practice exams will allow candidates to familiarize themselves with the actual exam setting.

MS-101 Exam Benefits

The following are some of the benefits you can expect to receive after passing the MS-101 exam:

Enhance your career opportunities by verifying your skills

Through certifications such as MS-101, you gain a competitive edge by providing evidence of skill mastery recognized globally and endorsed by industry experts, demonstrating your ability and openness to adopting new technologies. In addition, by passing the exam, you will be able to verify your skills and open up new opportunities.

Building a career

The candidate who passes this examination achieves a level of expertise. Therefore, certification MS-101 allows you to advance in your career. Frequently, employers consider certifications when determining whether to hire or promote an individual. In addition, certified professionals are likely to receive higher salaries.

Opportunity for high growth

After having earned the certification, there is no doubt that there is a greater likelihood of getting employed than those who have not earned it. Many people are unaware that 23% of Microsoft certified candidates receive increases up to 20% on their salaries. It further places them in a better position to advance in their career.

Faster hiring and increased productivity

Compared to industry averages, Microsoft Certified Professionals spend less time interviewing and more time delivering value to customers. By adding Microsoft certifications to your resume, you will be able to distinguish yourself from the competition and let yourself get hired more quickly.

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