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Health and Fitness

Taking Protein Without Exercise: Yes Or No? Let’s Find Out

Can We Take Protein Powder Without Workout?

Do a quick research on protein supplements available to you, surf the internet and one of the first products that you will see is Whey. A natural byproduct of cow’s milk and one of the most popular protein supplements available on the market, Whey is a safe and healthy option if you want a great protein supplement. However, we understand if you are planning to get a protein supplement for the first time then you might have many other questions like- how much protein powder should I take on a daily basis, how will it affect my body, is it safe and does it work if I take protein without exercise too? will circle your mind and it’s pretty natural. But we are here to help you with the answers to those questions, bust some myths and tell you certain facts about taking protein supplements. But before we get to any of that, let’s learn about what protein supplements actually do.

How Do Protein Supplements Function?

Protein powder and shakes are meant to be taken as workout supplements Which provide your muscles with essential amino acids that form the building block of protein. Our body needs this to build lean muscle tissue and to repair the muscles that we stress during workouts. Those who do weight training require more protein than those who don’t and a routine protein powder will have 25-30 grams of protein in a scoop along with a couple of extra calories. Taking your protein shake post-workout, as a workout supplement will switch your body from a catabolic state to an anabolic state – promoting muscle gain.

How Much Protein Do We Need?

If you are not working out regularly then your protein needs will naturally be much lower than a regular gym-goer. Usually, there is a recommended daily allowance for how much protein one should consume every day. As per the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Academies of Medicine, men should take 56 grams of protein every day whereas women should have 46 grams of protein every day.

Benefits Of Protein

  • Helps In Building Muscle

You must have heard that getting sufficient protein will help you gain muscle mass as it is the building block of the muscle. During a workout session, the stress of resistance might damage the muscle fibers and post-training the body heals itself and repairs the damage and this is where a protein shake will help.

  • Reduces Hunger

If you are trying to lose weight then too, protein supplements can be helpful. Protein with whey reduces hunger and makes you feel full for longer durations and you won’t feel like snacking or eating between your fixed mealtimes. This is because protein is a very filling nutrient and a high protein diet will actually help you lose weight.

Is It Safe To Take Protein Without Exercising?

A typical protein shake has somewhere around 30 grams of protein per serving which is 1/3rd the amount of protein that a person weighing 150 pounds needs every day. So, yes it is safe to take protein without exercising. However, consuming protein without resistance training will not help in building muscle but will only help in meeting your daily protein needs.

Now that you know about how safe is it to take protein without exercise we think you would like to know how to include them in your diet plan and complete your recommended protein intake. If you would like to know how to include protein supplements in your diet to get the most out of it then get in touch with our experienced and certified nutritionists with FITFEAST. You can now talk to a nutritionist and get a customized diet plan for yourself to improve your eating habits and have a balanced diet. Activate FITFEAST by FITPASS to start eating healthy and achieve your fitness goals today.


I am Swati Khandelwal, health and fitness enthusiast and Graduation in Physical Education from Delhi University. I generally write and share my knowledge on health and fitness to help people to reach their fitness goals.

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