As we have already learned in previous articles, an electrical switch is a device designed to stop the flow of current through the electrical circuit. When installing any of them, you will find different types, and in this article, we will know the 4 basic types of electrical switch, which can be used in a domestic installation.

Types of electrical switch


Single-pole switches are electrical mechanisms that, in domestic lighting, take two positions: on and off. In one position it lets the current pass and in the other it cuts. A single pole switch is used to control 1 point of light from one location in dry rooms.

In single- pole types of light switches, only the power cord (Phase) is interrupted. That is to say, the peculiarity of this mechanism is that it cuts only one cable of the two necessaries for the installation of, for example, a light bulb. It is the cable popularly called neutral.

Single pole switch types have only one push button but two connection terminals (2 electrical wires connect).


The bipolar switch works in the same way as the unipolar switch, but it is used in humid rooms, such as the bathroom, outside … So, it is an electrical mechanism that, although it may well do the same function as the conventional unipolar switch, it has the peculiarity that uses two cables to cut the current: the phase and the neutral.

In other words, bipolar switches are those capable of controlling, by means of a key, two electrical circuits. With these switches you can interrupt and resume, that is, turn the light on and off using a single lever.

Double-pole types of light switch types have a single button and 4 connection terminals (4 electrical wires connect).

In homes they are the most widely used on and off element. It is used for electrical appliances in which it is necessary or important to cut the flow of the two wires of the installation.

Without a doubt they are the safest and most practical. The bipolar switches are safety elements for the electrical installation that can avoid more than one scare. The pole is used to indicate how many circuits are controlled by a single switch.


The 2-way electrical switch is a “maintained contact” mechanism used to control a point of light from two different locations. In this way, we need 2 types of ” round trip ” light switches for this.

The round trip switch has 3 electrical contacts materialized by round terminals. Each time one of the two switches is pressed, one of the contacts moves from top to bottom so that the contact is always maintained to allow the passage of current and, therefore, the illumination of the point in question.

The back-and-forth switch is very useful in large rooms, corridors, stairs, etc., since it allows turning a light on and off from different points, electrically interconnected. For example, you can place a switch next to the door, and another switch next to the bed, so that, if you turn on the light when entering the room through the electrical switch near the door, you can turn it off from the switch that lies near the bed.

2-way light switches have a single button and 3 connection terminals (3 electrical wires connect).


A double switch is used to control 2 points of light from one place. Dual light switch types have two buttons. That is, it is a mechanism by which we can turn the light on and off from two different points, from the same switch (a button for the hall light and a button for the living room light), or from two different elements, such as a lamp and a fan.

They are widely used in homes, as they are easy to use and offer enormous convenience. However, it is not always clear how to connect a double switch (also called ‘bipolar’) although doing so is a simple task.

Just 2 single pole switches in the same housing. Double switches have 2 buttons and 3 connection terminals (3 electrical wires connect).

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