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The 5 Different Types of Professional Logo Styles in 2022

The logo designing industry is flourishing with an increase in businesses worldwide. Companies strive to create their brand identity in the simplest of ways through a professional logo. Moreover, the whole game is about communicating your brand message to your target audience in the most effective ways. Businesses in this era emphasize custom logo designs to capture a more significant market share and clear the company’s position. Since the demand for unique logos has increased frenetically, businesses hire logo designing companies to create stunning logos to stand out in the market.

Many famous companies worldwide are known because of their logos that have created a memorable brand image with timeless and simple styles. This branding technique has positioned their brands in some of the top-selling brands that are hard to beat. Moreover, few of them keep making changes in their design to keep the audience engaged and bring variety. Whereas a few belief in keeping the same logo for years as nothing competes with them. From KFC to Nike, the best corporate logos have created a market niche bringing in customers with little or no marketing. Many types of best logos for different industries fit into the business models according to their goals and requirements.

5 Types of Professional Logo Styles

Brand Marks

Brand marks are also known as pictorial marks, a form of logos that are graphic symbols or icons representing real-world objects. These logos are simple and unique but deliver a complete message. Moreover, they often narrate the brand story effectively, allowing companies to play with the brand name using different symbols, colors, and fonts. The clean-cut and memorable logos are easily scalable, allowing businesses to resize their logos for business cards or social media posts. Twitter is one of the greatest examples of brand mark logos that represent the brand with a bluebird associated with tweeting. Companies offering a single product or service can create a brand mark to represent their brand identity with just an image.

Moreover, companies with names representing real-world objects like Apple can also use this logo. These iconic logos are best for well-established businesses well recognized by people globally. Otherwise, they won’t effectively communicate the brand message to the audience.

Abstract Logos

When thinking about the bigger picture or concepts, these logos play a crucial role in representing the company’s core values. The abstract logos use a single symbol, customized according to company goals and ideology to attract potential customers. Unlike brand marks, they do not mimic any real-world object. They are unique in their own way, expressing something specific about the brand. It leverages designers to play around with the styles to communicate their values while emphasizing the key attributes of the logo. Hence, companies can tell a lot about their business through a professional logo.

If you have different product lines, an abstract mark might be the best for you. Further, it helps companies to create an online presence with logo marketing allowing users to translate the simple yet trendy design regardless of its size. Therefore, paying attention to little details becomes crucial in abstract marks so that the message isn’t misconstrued. Such logos are simple, and any excessive detail may not look good when printed on various mediums. Pepsi and Airbnb are two examples of famous abstract logos because of their abstract logo art.

Combination Marks

As the name suggests, the combination marks or logos include a blend of images and words to design a beautiful logo. It enables designers to pair letterforms with a mascot and abstract image to put life into the logo. Thus, helping it to speak for itself. Furthermore, these best corporate logos are known for their versatility. It allows organizations to rebrand their company name.

Thus, it means they can change one of the combinations, be it the words or images, to upgrade the logo look while allowing customers to still recognize the brand with the unchanged element. These logos are the best fit for new startups or small businesses. They try to create a brand image. Hence, giving customers various visual cues to help them remember the brand over time.

Though the combination of words and images might look messy, it becomes important to maintain a balance. It reduces overcrowding of the logo with excessive symbols. Hence, making the logo look clean and on point. Pizza Hut and Toblerone are examples of combination marks.


Suppose you are looking for a minimalist professional logo, then letterforms are the perfect choice for your business. These one-letter logos are bold and bright to convey a clear message to the audience. Since they only have a letter, they become easily scalable. Thus, making them look good on all mediums. A beautifully designed letterform logo impacts the customers’ minds making them memorable. Such logos allow designers or designing agencies to play with the typeface making them stand out with a clear message. However, since it has a single letter, the design becomes crucial if not remembered by the audience. Thus companies should opt for funky fonts, bright colors, or dramatic backdrops to make the letter pop out. Yahoo and McDonald’s are examples of logos that use single legible letters to represent their brand.


One of the most used logo design emblems gives a traditional feel to your brand. They have been used for decades by monarchs and companies to represent their brand. Emblems consist of a typeface within a border, usually a seal or crest to make it stand out. The memorable logos showcase professionalism and traditionalism at all times,. They elevate the company’s image. The logos are associated with traditional values while targeting a specific market niche. However, these logos lack scalability as they tend to go out of shape when resized, making the logo look not that good. Further, they do not offer similar flexibility as combination marks. Hence, making it necessary to thoroughly research the logo and your business before designing an emblem. Starbucks and BMW are world-famous companies that are considered one of the best corporate logos.


Creating a professional logo design isn’t easy when it comes to the selection of multiple types of logos. Companies need to ponder the reason for designing the logos while aligning the company values, goals, and requirements. Since the world is advancing fast, it becomes essential for companies to market their product, services, and name in the most effective ways. Hence, making logo designing a vital component in the success of businesses.

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