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The Advantages Of Insulating Your Home To Save Energy

Utilising the space that is not being use over yours and your coworkers’ heads could benefit your office space, both practical and stylishly.

In any commercial or residential office, making use of the unoccupied space above your head by putting up an elevated ceiling will significantly enhance the space because it offers both practicality and fashion.

The suspended ceiling insulation in your home is an essential part of its overall structure. This is the reason why installing an elevated ceiling won’t only increase the space or value but will significantly improve the efficiency of your office. We’ve provided the benefits your office can reap from the installation of suspended ceilings.

Covers Wires, Pipes And Ductwork

A suspended ceiling is a way to cover any flaws on the floor of the house. In lieu of costly repairs a suspended ceiling can hide pipes, ductwork, stained paint and peeling.


Installing this ceiling tile insulation will give better acoustic properties, which means that the noise generated by above floors is greatly diminished. If this is a crucial issue for you, speak with our experts, so we can suggest the best tiling option to resolve the issue.

Design Options

It is important to take care when making changes to the appearance of an office space. it should be neat and professional for both employees and visitors.

Suspended ceiling systems offer the choice of a range of textures, styles as well as finishes and colours. In addition, it is your choice to choose the location where you will install lighting as well as other features for overhead use.

Resistant To Mould And Moisture

Suspended ceiling panels are resistant to moisture, which means that the area will be cleaner and safe. They can also enhance the insulation of your structure, which means that you’ll be able to better keep the heat in, cutting down on energy bills, which will make your enterprise more efficient.

But, it is possible to achieve this by having the suspended ceiling fitted and installed by a certified professional who will make sure it’s properly installed in line with all relevant safety and health standards. Experts have compiled this article to outline the benefits of suspended ceilings, and how installing one can greatly improve the efficiency of your office or home.

It Is Easy To Access Pipes, Cable And So On. Over The Ceiling

One of the most well-known reasons to have a ceiling suspended is to conceal unsightly mechanical or structural components including pipes, plumbing, and cables.

The versatility of suspended ceilings means you’ll have access to concealed wiring or pipes for repairs. The panels simply slide out when access is required above the ceiling and then can be placed back into place after repairs are completed.

Quick Installation

We realise that homeowners would like little disruption and disruption into their lives in the process of installing suspended ceilings. The good thing is that having it installed by a professional and experienced company ensures that the entire task will be completed swiftly and efficiently, which means you’ll be enjoying the benefits within a matter of minutes.


Instead of ceilings made of plasterboard or drywall, suspend ceilings offer better quality of acoustics, which means that noise pollution coming from floors above is significantly decrease. So, it’s essential to speak with an expert to ensure that the right flooring and insulation are installed to provide additional soundproofing.


In the event of an emergency fire, suspended ceilings that are fire-resistant provide up to one hour of protection to ensure that everyone within your residence can leave the structure before the rescue services.

The fire protection system can be install in the ceiling cavity over a suspended ceiling, to help keep fire from spreading and give you additional time for lives to be save. Suspend ceilings are a favourite in areas with high humidity because of their resistance to

  •         mould
  •         moisture
  •         Bacteria
  •         sagging

This is why they are ideal for humid areas such as bathrooms and kitchens in which hygiene is of utmost importance. Certain ceiling tiles are coat with specially-design antimicrobial products to prevent diseases and prevent mould and bacteria from becoming establish.

Insulation To Increase Energy Efficiency

The ability to lower the ceiling’s height within your home with suspended ceilings can provide exceptional insulation that will, in turn, reduce the cost of energy as there’s less space for heating up. Additionally the white ceiling panels make an extremely reflective surface that will brighten the entire space and create the illusion of having more space.

The Design You Choose

In every home it’s essential to maintain an orderly, neat and cosy atmosphere for yourself as well as any guests who come by. So, care must be made to pick the right design, texture, and colour that complement the decor and your personal style perfectly.

Pipes that are ugly or plumbing systems as well as cracked plasterboards can wreck the look of your home and be quite a nuisance emotionally. Suspended ceilings are the ideal solution for hiding pipes, wires and other unattractive ceiling features in a neat and stylish way , while also allowing easy access in case of an issue.

Make sure to seek the advice of a professional before looking at suspended ceilings for domestic homes, or commercially in offices.

How Do You Insulate A Drop Ceiling

Dropped or suspended ceilings make up one of the most simple and most affordable methods to repair ceiling problems including wiring, overheard ducting, and wiring.

The lower ceilings can also help reduce the cost of cooling and heating. Ceiling grids that are drop are usually 2-foot-by-2-foot or 2-foot by 4-foot, which means they are able to accommodate standard 24-inch wool insulation in fibreglass batts.

Insulation Is A Necessity

Wall and ceiling duct insulation helps keep indoor temperatures comfortable. Local building codes define the minimum resistance to thermal energy, also known as “R-value.” Since that heat rises, ceilings usually require higher R-values than walls.

Insulating a fallen ceiling is an easy process however because the ceiling grid can be restrict, you should use four-foot insulation batts instead of bats that are roll. In warm climates the R-30 insulation level is usually adequate for ceilings, but colder climates may require insulation levels as high as R-49.


A ceiling that is drop comprises an exterior wall frame with runners, cross-tees and runners that are used to support the ceiling panels, as well as suspension wires to be use to support the grid of ceiling. 

Insulation batts on their own are light, however before adding weights to a ceiling that is drop make sure that the suspension wires are properly join to ceiling joists, and that the gauge of the wire is sufficient to handle the additional weight of insulation.

Row By Row

In most situations, you will not need to pull the ceiling panels off to insulate. The most efficient method is to begin along one wall, and then leave the first row panels in position. Lift and slide the next row of panels until they are over the third row, leaving the third row unlocked.

Through the second row that is open insert and install insulation batts on top of one row of panels. Once you are complete move the panels back to the row behind them. Repeat this process by moving through the 3rd row into four rows, while leaving the fourth row unlocked to insulate the second row.

Things To Consider

If your ceiling is adorn with suspend fluorescent grids, talk to an electrician to determine which ones that you can insulate or if you need to cut the batts in order not to completely cover the fixtures. Be sure to not block exhaust and fan vents by insulating them.



Cinthia Rosa

As the marketing head at Galaxy Insulation & Dry Lining in the UK, Cinthia Rosa has a reputed name in the industry. She consistently contributes her valuable knowledge to top blogging sites.

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