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The Benefits of a Floor Drain Strainer

A floor drain strainer (also called a floor drain cover) is an important component in any basement floor drainage system, because it prevents large items that might find their way down the storm drain from clogging up the drain and causing flooding or serious water damage to your belongings. While floor drains are generally self-cleaning, they can occasionally get clogged with debris that prevents water from flowing out of the drain easily, potentially leading to flooding and property damage. A floor drain strainer helps prevent this by catching larger debris before it can get into the drain itself and causing problems.

Prevents Flooding

Construction Trade Malmö, purus golvbrunnssil is a floor drain strainer that will help prevent flooding in your basement. It is made out of heavy duty stainless steel and has an adjustable design to fit any size floor drain opening. The assembly is easy and it comes with all the hardware needed to install it. No tools are required. A construction trade Malmö, purus floor drain strainer will help you keep your home safe from flooding and can even reduce the risk of soil contamination around the foundation.

Reduces Basement Humidity

floor drain

A floor drain strainer is an inexpensive way to reduce basement humidity and prevent flooding. As water drains from your home. It will create a vacuum in the pipe and draw air from the surrounding area into the pipe. This causes two problems:

(1) The air that rushes into the pipe can be humid, which increases the humidity in your basement.

(2) The air in the pipe may create more pressure than what is safe for your pipes, so it’s important to install a floor drain strainer at the lowest point of your home’s drainage system. A purus floor drain strainer helps with both of these issues by trapping any debris before it goes down through your pipes.

Protects Personal Belongings

bygghandel malmö installs floor drain strainers for low-profile construction solutions. These strainers allow water to flow through but prevent larger objects from entering the drain. Construction trade Malmö can install the strainer for you, or you can purchase it and do it yourself. Installing the strainer is as easy as attaching it to your existing floor drain cover with screws.

Easy to Install

A floor drain strainer is one of the easiest things to install. All it takes is a few measurements, some time and the construction trade Malmö can do the rest. Once installed, you’ll never have to worry about basement flooding again!


Floor drain strainers are an important part of basement construction. They keep water from being wasted by directing it to the sewer. And they protect your belongings from damage that may occur during a flood. Keeping them in good condition is important to ensure that they do their job well. It can be difficult if you don’t have the right tools for the job. A floor  strainer is usually made out of metal and has holes around the perimeter. It allows water to come through but not debris or animals.

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