The best time to do Kedarnath Yatra Season Wise

The best time to do Kedarnath Yatra Season Wise

The most sacred place for the supreme Lord Shiva and the portion in the ” Char Dham” Yatra that every Indian dreams of is the goal of his life. Because of the importance of spirituality in this area it is an essential location in India. It is not just for pilgrimages but for anyone who wants to go on treks and adventures will be an extremely challenging destination. The past was that this location was also called “Kedar Khand”. Of the twelve Jyotirlinga Kedarnath is considered the primary Jyotirlinga. Let yourself be enthralled by this majestic beautiful beauty.

In winter (October until March)

It’s going to be frigid cold and the temple is shut in December due to the heavy snowfall. If you’re planning to excursion in December, then you can go to Ukhimath where the Lord Shiva god is worshipped. Because Diwali is also very popular in Ukhimath, the entire temple is lit up with glittering lighting. It’s a huge occasion as celebrities also come here at this time of year to receive the blessings from Lord Shiva. Because of the harsh weather, few people come to the temple during this time, and you are able to get discounts on hotels. If you’re brave enough and don’t want to go to the visiting temples enough, this is the right time for you. Also, be ready for extreme weather that can cause very uncomfortable during this time.

Temperature: 20°C high to 0 ° low

Know before you go Prepare for the numerous obstacles. Have your essentials on hand, like spare clothing woolen gloves that are waterproof as well as a torch and additional batteries. Keep healthy food options on hand like dried fruit or protein shakes.

In Monsoon (July until September)


The monsoon’s weather isn’t always predicted at Kedarnath. The devastating flood that occurred in 2013 is still a reminder of the damages that caused the temple is shut as a precaution. In monsoons, the dry landscape of Kedarnath transforms to green and lush hills, and the awe-inspiring springs can be observed. From August to September Vinayaka Chaturthi is the celebration of the son of Lord Shiva is celebrated with lots of excitement.

Sri Shankaracharya walked his Nirwana at Kedarnath so Shankaracharya Samadhi is among the most popular attractions in this area. It is possible to see snow topple in the mountains from a distance.

Temperatures: Between 27 degrees high, to 12° low

Make sure you are aware prior to your visit There are a lot of adventurers who will already be in attendance, therefore it could be quite packed.

In the Summer (April Through June)


This is the best time in which you can go to Kedarnath. If you’re a religious or brave person during this time of year, you can experience Kedarnath in depth. In June, you can enjoy an opportunity to experience the stunning Badri Kedar Festival. The best time of the year to explore this mythical location. The towns around Kedarnath are also blooming to display their art, culture as well as their history and talent. There are a variety of temples that are dedicated to gods.

Temperature: 30°C high, to 15 degrees at night.

Be aware before you go It is high season for all visitors , which means long lines all visitors.

Since summer is the most popular season for this Lord Shiva’s place to visit. The days are delightful and the evenings are cold. Plan accordingly to your preferences. If you are looking for a an experience that is 10 on 10, choose the summer time. Also, Monsoon and Winter months can provide you with thrilling events here. Don’t think it’s a holy site but it is also a great camping spot however, it must be booked ahead of time. Make a plan ahead to ensure you be able to get a fair price and ensure that what season is best for you? In the end, you’ll be captivated by the power of faith and the natural beauty that surrounds this beautiful spot.


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