The Complete Itinerary Spiti Valley



If you’re looking at this piece, you’re aware of the obstacles you have to overcome on your journey towards Spiti valley. Also often referred to as “cold desert mountains” It is an attempt to make a statement by getting there. Spiti. It’s like a place distant from which you read often about, and that people rarely visit; however, it is intriguing enough to be worth the chance. Due to the remoteness of Spiti It is difficult to create the itinerary of someone traveling to the area on their first visit. If you’re planning to embark on an excursion to the road in the near future and need more information about how to get there, this article can assist you greatly. I’ll be grateful for it later!


When traveling to Spiti it is important to be aware that you aren’t allowed to visit the city each month or throughout the year. Many people cannot count on themselves when visiting Spiti again, even though there’s plenty to discover. But, at the same time I recommend you to relax and enjoy the view since the trip is primarily about the journey , not the destination. Although the whole Spiti route ( Shimla to Manali or the reverse ) is possible to complete in five days, however, it is recommended to at least give yourself 8-9 days to experience their journey to the fullest.


Take into consideration the possibility of contracting AMS that you might be suffering from on your journey. Spiti is considered to be the region with the highest altitude and If this is your destination, you are advised to commence your journey at Shimla and finish in Manali to get better adaptation to high altitude. Hotels are readily available in Spiti at a variety of prices and within an affordable price in the range of INR 500 per night to two persons. If you’re riding an automobile, a 10 day journey, which covers all of Spiti including food, fuel, and shelter is easily achievable within INR 10,00 per head. If you’re traveling on a four-wheeler you can expect to be between INR 15,00 – INR 17,000.


In that spirit, let’s begin our complete schedule!




Day 1 – Traveling to Delhi

Day 2: Shimla to Sarahan

Day 3. Sarahan to Chitkul

Day 4: Chitkul to Kalpa

Day 5 (Day 5). Kalpa to Nako

Day 6 7 Nako to Kaza

7th day – Touring Kaza as well as other village

DAY 8 – Kaza to Chandratal

DAY 9 – Chandratal to Manali

10th day Day 10 Manali to Delhi


Day 1 – Traveling to Delhi

It’s just one of the long days of travel. Beginning early at Delhi If you’re traveling on NH1 to chandigarh. Follow the Himalayan Expressway to Shimla for Chandigarh. When you arrive at Shimla it is your choice to stay in the city or when you have time, you can continue toward Narkanda. Personally, I believe that you should choose to stay in Narkanda in comparison to the bustling city of Shimla. It’s about a two-hour driving distance from Shimla.


Day 2. Shimla to Sarahan

Get up early if you are staying in Shimla. After a few minutes you’ll get the first glimpse of Sutlej river. Return to Rampur which is where it’s possible to enjoy lunch too. Take the 16 km long road which goes to Sarahan following the completion of Jeori. Bhimakali temple as well as an animal refuge within Sarahan is worth an excursion.


3rd DAY 3. Sarahan to Chitkul

Continue on the road Sarahan towards Jeori reaching Karchham. See a dam that was constructed across Sutlej in Karchham. Then, leave the highway and go to the detour towards Sangla following Karchham. Continue driving towards Chitkul, which happens to be the final village on the highway. Chitkul has a lovely small town close to the Baspa river.


4th day (Day 4) Chitkul to Kalpa

Along the road, you will go all towards the road in Karchham and then to Powari. In the direction of Powari you will have to leave the highway again and then turn left onto the road that climbs uphill, leading towards Reckong Peo. From Peo Continue on the road until you reach Kalpa. The town is famous for its apple orchids. Additionally, it offers an amazing view from Kinner Kailash.


5th day (Day 5). Kalpa to Nako

Reckong Peo is the last petrol pump till Kaza therefore make sure you replenish. Drive back towards Powari. When you reach the NH1 road in Pooh You will have to register at the checkpoint. After driving Pooh the road will be beautiful until Nako. As you cross Kazigs in the roadway, it has a lot of roads that bend. Nako additionally has a tiny artificial lake, but it’s not very amusing. If you’re feeling adventurous you can do a bit of climbing up the hilltop nearby to see the full view of Nako’s village.


Day 6. Nako to Kaza

From Nako It’s a simple journey to Tabo. The journey won’t be a complete difficult task. While passing through Tabo the town is home to a tiny village called Dhankar that is known for its monasteries. There is also the lake in Dhankar which is known as Dhankar Lake. You can walk several kilometers to get to the lake. It is possible to stay in Dhankar the closest accommodation is at Kaza Tabo or Kaza Tabo. You can go straight to Kaza following Dhankar. Popular tourist destinations in Kaza can be found in Tangyud Monastery, Key Monastery, Kibber village,Gette Village, Langza village known for its displays of marine fossils and there is the Pin Valley National Park, which is a protected area with a variety of Himalayan high-altitude wildlife.


DAY 7. Kaza and the other villages

Be up early on the following day to Kaza to stop by some of the towns like Gette, Tashigang, Kibber, Kaumik and Langza.Once you depart your lodging and return to Kaza in the evening. It will be awe-inspiring by the fossils that have been discovered in the area, which you can purchase if you’re looking for something to do in Kaza. Also, ensure that you stop by the tiny restaurant to have a meal and look at fossils.

DAY 8 – Kaza to Chandratal

Fill up tanks at Kaza because the next station for fuel is in Manali.While traveling from Losar you can take the down route to Kunzum Pass. Beginning uphill towards Batal Find a tiny road heading towards Chandratal. From the lake, the turnoff which is approximately 10 kilometers. Be careful when driving as it’s a dirt path that is narrow. In Chandratal go to various camping areas in which the cost will vary from Rs. 1500 to 3000 rupees. 3000 per head, inclusive of meals.


DAY 9 – Chandratal to Manali

After you’ve left Chandratal then drive over to Kunzum pass, then head towards Batal. There is a road in front of you that’s bad.Although it could take you between 5 and 6 hours to travel across the small area but it’s only for a brief period. When you arrive from Gramphoo and then turn left towards Rohtang Pass and then go downhill to Manali. In total, it takes about 7 hours. Manali has a variety of hotels, and you can easily locate the one you want at any price.


Day 10: Manali to Delhi

The return drive is an exhausting, long drive lasting 12-14 hours.


A summary of your trip over 10 days in Spiti will be an amazing and thrilling trip that you shouldn’t forget in your mind. We would love to hear about your stories.


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