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The different activities to do in Goa



Goa is a great place to take couple photos when you’re traveling with your love. You can have a wonderful photoshoot with your partner and make some special memories. You can enjoy a beautiful photographic session by heading to the peaceful beaches or the stunning coastline. Take a ride to the most important places for photography in North and South Goa. Then, capture some unforgettable moments and take photos. bungee jumping in Rishikesh.

About the activity

You will be able to capture your most precious moments with a romantic photo session.

The photographer will meet with you at your preferred location in North or South Goa, and then accompany you to the scenic locations you choose for photography.

With the help of an expert photographer, create unforgettable memories in Goa’s most beautiful locations. Also, learn about charming couple poses.


Outdoor photoshoots are not something to be worried about in Goa. Instead, enjoy stress-free transportation with a private vehicle for outdoor photography.

You can share your amazing experiences with others by sharing them on social media.


Information about meeting places


Please mention the time and place you would like to meet up when you check out.

An operator will contact you to confirm the meeting time and location.

To finalize the location and time, the photographer will reach out to you.


Consider these Things

To capture your special moments while visiting Goa, schedule a private photo shoot. There are three options available. You can also experience the Candid Photoshoot with up to seven people at one venue. Two options are available for special occasions: The Pre-Wedding Photoshoot for Couples and the Premium Photoshoot To Be Held At An Event. These photoshoots can be done in top spots throughout the state.

There’s also the bustling Anjuna Flea Market. You can pose in front of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Basilica of Bom Jesus or the 17th-century Fort Aguada. These are just some of the places in Goa where you can take photos with private photography experiences. Book soon!


These are some of our favorite photography ideas.


  1. Chorla Ghats Chorla Ghats


The dense forest cover in Goa’s eastern regions is a major drawcard. You can take advantage of this opportunity to shoot a beautiful photo under the shade. This is a great way to add an unusual touch to your Goa photo shoot. The Chorla Ghats are a great choice for a photoshoot because of their beautiful foliage and mild weather.


Avoid taking photos in the rain to ensure a stress-free experience. Sometimes, monkeys may appear in your photos. This location is popular with adventurers who want to see the breathtaking views and scenic beauty it offers.


2. Panjim


Fontainhas, Goa’s oldest Latin Quarter is located near Panjim city but still separate from all the activity and noise. Fontainhas is surrounded by buildings in blue, yellow, and other colors. It has a distinct Portuguese feel.


You can add a romantic vintage touch to your passion for photography in Fontainhas (Goa) by thinking outside the box. Although the location is beautiful at all times of the year, most people prefer to visit it during winter. This is an opportunity that only a few people will have the chance to experience. Goa’s lively streets are waiting for you!


3. Mandovi River


Grab the chance to capture a stunning shot with a Goa in the background and the Mandovi River. This case is best captured using drone photography.


The peaceful combination of sunshine and city activity makes the Mandovi River the ideal spot for taking photographs in Goa.


In Goa, you may even get a bespoke boat. Another option to see Goa is to take a houseboat tour. Beautifully handcrafted houseboats equipped with all modern conveniences are among the most beautiful things in life.


4. Calangute


It’s even better if your fiance is an avid adventurer. Enjoy a session of candid photography with your partner while you indulge in Goa’s water sports.


You can enjoy kayaking, scuba diving and even wakeboarding in Goa. Your photographer can capture the romance between adrenaline rushes. All of your adventurer and explorer images should be captured. People visit this resort to have fun, feel joyful, and live in the sun, sand and surf. There are many options: Calangute and Candolim; Miramar, Palolem. Baga, Anjuna and Vagator.


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