The Rise of Digital Menu Boards in Quick-Service Restaurants

Digital Menu Boards in Quick-Service Restaurants

Digital menu boards are an efficient way for restaurants to cut costs and improve operations. These digital displays, whether wall-mounted or in self-service kiosks, provide several benefits that can enhance the customer experience and streamline the restaurant operations.

One major benefit of a digital menu board in restaurants is its ability to easily promote menu options and roll out updates. Instead of printing new menus every time a change is made, digital menu boards can be updated in real-time, making it easy to add or remove items and adjust prices. This can save time and money in the long run.

Popularity of digital menus is increasing


According to a recent survey, a majority of quick-service restaurants, 88% to be exact, are considering switching to digital menus. The reason for this shift towards digital menus can be attributed to the impact of the pandemic, which has caused 85% of operators to re-evaluate and reorganize their operations.  By switching to digital menus, restaurant owners can display the most accurate menu items, thereby improving order efficiency and customer satisfaction.

There are many benefits to using a digital menu board instead of a traditional paper menu. Some of the key advantages of switching to a digital menu board include:

The Benefits of a Digital Menu Board

Better Customer Experience

Digital displays and menu boards have modernized customer service in restaurants, allowing customers to order quickly and easily via self-service digital displays. This improves customer convenience and eliminates errors that can occur with manual order taking. The modern and updated aesthetic of digital displays also adds a sleek and sophisticated look to restaurants.

Digital Menu Boards Increase Sales

Digital signage allows for fast updates of content, including promotional offers like food and drink pairings, appetizer suggestions, dessert options and entree recommendations. Using digital menu board can increase the average ticket amount for your restaurant as customers can view all options and make informed choices. In contrast, traditional static signs offer limited information and customers are more likely to make impulsive decisions without considering all options.

 Reduces perceived wait time at the counter

The boards have been shown to help reduce the perceived wait time at restaurants. This is because people have something to look at while they are waiting, which makes the time seem to go by faster. Additionally, digital menu boards can help customers make faster decisions about what to order, which speeds up the line and makes service go smoother for both your staff and patrons. All of this contributes to a better customer experience.

Increased efficiency for self-service kiosks.

Digital menu boards simplify the ordering process for customers. Self-service kiosks enable customers to place orders directly on the screen, reducing wait times for servers and congestion during peak hours. This improves overall efficiency in the restaurant. Additionally, digital menu boards provide customers with additional information about products, including dietary options and allergens, allowing them to make more informed choices and improving their dining experience.


Digital menu boards are becoming a popular trend in the restaurant industry, offering a professional and efficient way to display menus and take orders. These digital displays are not only more visually appealing than traditional handwritten signs, but also offer a number of benefits that can improve efficiency and drive sales.









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