The Top 10 Business-to-Business Marketplaces in the world

How simple is it for your company to select a B2B marketplace? Select a platform, then launch your enterprise. But! It’s not as simple as it seems.

You need to improve your business if you merely dive into the global B2B marketplace randomly. You must investigate and examine around. Determine the platform where you can gain more profit.

First, let’s have a look at what is a B2B marketplace, its procedure and what are its benefits.

What Is A B2B Marketplace?

A B2B market typically refers to the place where companies gather to conduct business. A digital platform or a full-service digital agency where one business sells products to another business is known as a B2B marketplace. Bank transfers are used to make payments here.

Due to their excellent characteristics, internet B2B marketplaces are currently becoming more and more important. They are essential for finding goods, particularly when looking for producers and suppliers. It has influenced and improved the online purchasing experience.

Global B2B online sales on the B2B platform grew by 17.8% over the previous years to reach $1.6 trillion. It demonstrates how e-commerce develops and how companies should concentrate on online platforms. According to the statistics, B2B e-commerce will make up 17% of all B2B sales in 2023 and is projected to reach $1.8 trillion. This market is twice as big as a B2C one. The statistics point to a huge B2B market.

Let’s define a B2B marketplace to make the concept more obvious.

Many multinational companies are currently searching for reliable and effective B2B e-commerce platforms. Despite a large number of B2B e-commerce marketplaces available, you must make an informed decision.

So, first, let’s have a look at the buying process in a B2B marketplace, and later we can look at some of the top B2B platforms.

The B2B Marketplace and Purchasing Procedure.

  • Understanding your market requirements and the item required.
  • You must specify the names and the goods you require
  • Your quest for dependable sources and product information.
  • Your request for approval (RFA), which is a bid for products, receives a response from the supplier.
  • Prices, delivery schedules, and quantity choices are made after the order is submitted.
  • The suppliers or vendors receive feedback from the customers.

What Benefits B2B Provides?

B2B marketplace provides a number of advantages. Among them are:

  • It helps in attracting new clients.
  • Reasonable priced.
  • Raised a platform’s search rating.

Top Ten B2B Platforms

  1. eWorldTrade

eWorldTrade is one of the B2B marketplaces that are expanding faster. It is one of the highly regarded platforms that perform superbly. More than 500,000 registered users have been served. This platform was created with the express purpose of providing clients with quick, dependable, and simple trade transactions.

A platform with millions of customers, sellers, and wholesalers all under one roof, it is one of the most transparent platforms. The goal of eWorldTrade is to make B2B transactions quick and hassle-free by removing all obstacles. They guarantee to supply enterprises with significant income and exposure. They are working hard to develop the top trading solutions.

  1. Amazon Business

With a great team that works hard, Amazon Business operates in more than 14 countries. Their exclusive discounts and quantity discounts are two of their primary differentiators. You can also take advantage of their various shipping promotions, including business prime, free shipping (for orders over $25), and Amazon Fulfillment.

To make buying simpler and exempt from tax, they have permitted a variety of payment methods. Through sponsored advertisements, they enable their customers to find brands. Vans for SME companies are now available. Thanks to the partnership between Amazon Business and Delivery Service Partner (DSP).

Distributing their product content to Amazon may be challenging for firms with heavy workloads.

  1. Global Sources

Global sources have been providing services for more than 50 years and is one of the most well-known B2B platforms in the world. They connect with genuine buyers and sellers and offer the best B2B solutions. You can easily access products on their platform. This is all because of their fond supplier online feature.

To improve the connection in the Asian market they launched global sources electronics, Indonesia in 2019. The global source has everything, from ready-to-order to analyst selections. Users can also choose recommended suppliers, which includes suppliers who have been verified.

  1. DH Gate

You may find Chinese goods with ease on the DH gate platform. Electronic decorations, clothing and other wholesale consumer goods are among the available goods. They make it possible for firms to join them and conduct business without any hassles.

You can get the simplest solution for your business under one roof and cater to up to 2.2 million merchants. They are proficient in offering escrow protection services, logistical solutions and secure payment methods.

  1. HKTDC

You can look for premium goods in smaller numbers on HKTDC. For communicate directly and quickly with the supplier, you can also compare costs and the minimum order quantity. Miniature command zone is the name of this HKTDC function.

All product categories on the website are merged at the top of the main page. They continue to treat the clients with respect, trust and sincerity. The software assists in setting up in-person business meetings for a seamless business procedure.

  1. Made-In-China

Focus Technology operates the Made-In-China brand, which has a solid reputation in the business-to-business sector. It is a Chinese-focused portal with a wide selection of Chinese products. The fundamental concept is to provide web-based services for people.

They have several advantages and are a platform that is affordable. Customers can choose their goods from many options available in the simple and accessible display.

  1. EC21

It is a well-known B2B brand in the Asian continent where manufacturers and suppliers can advertise their operations. These products are also conveniently accessible in their specific category, which may be looked up using their particular keyword.

A step from EC21 buyers can request their own leads on order to obtain bids from manufacturers. They run a program for international trade and show that they are very beneficial to businesses.

  1. See Biz

You can shop on See Biz by category and with well-known brands. Everything is available on see biz, from apparel to home goods to health and beauty products. With these many items, it has connections with a wide range of sectors.

As of right now, neither buyers nor sellers are required to pay for See Biz to operate. They don’t manage inventory under the purview of wholesalers, but they have developed a separate software for inventory management to support wholesale enterprises.

  1. Alibaba

Alibaba is a member of one of the biggest trade industry groups and is connected to ten other businesses. They have successfully surpassed sales of 1.1 trillion yuan, $170 million. It is a 22,000-person company with its headquarter in china.

As a well-known brand in the B2B sector, they provide their suppliers with the resources they need to interact with both domestic and foreign clients.

  1. EC Plaza

There are more than four languages spoken at EC Plaza. Through the years, its quick services have earned it is a stellar reputation. They are platforms that aid SMEs with offline trade services and work in trades consulting EDI services.


It is essential to choose the best B2B marketplace. You select a media that offers the most satisfying answer and facilities in purchasing procedure. Moreover, you can easily boost your business by using a b2b marketplace but make sure that you deal in original products; otherwise, these platforms cannot help you withstand your competition.

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