The Top 4 Applications of IoT by AI Consulting UK in 2022

Technology is one of the growing fields that have emerged to help organisations with the processes, automating significant tasks to achieve economies of scale. Organisations have witnessed the evolution of technologies by implementing new techniques to solve existing issues. But with advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, they started identifying future problems and suggesting solutions to mitigate them beforehand. It was then ai consulting UK emerged to help companies strategise and integrate a tech solution made especially for the specific company.

Besides AI, various other technologies like augmented reality, blockchain, the internet of things, etc., changed how companies went about their daily procedures. With the advancement in technology, one tech solution gained immense popularity, allowing the easy integration of new technologies. It was called the internet of things strategy or IoT, where every other technology is connected with it providing efficient services via a strong internet connection. Since the world is moving towards digitalisation and emphasising building an online presence, it becomes necessary for them to use the internet to reach a larger audience. It has multiple applications in various fields, enhancing performance and productivity side by side.

What is the internet of things strategy by AI consulting UK?

IoT is a vast and complex system of interrelated objects, machines, devices and people connected through a package of sensors, software, processors and data over the internet. They even go to the extent of gathering, storing and analysing the online data for industrial use, letting them make better decisions. It has impacted different industries by eliminating human errors and automating business processes. It was one of the reasons why ai consulting UK emphasised the development of smart devices in the market, helping make the process more efficient. Talking about IoT in the present era, billions of connected devices worldwide collect data from various sources. This information deals with home security, entertainment, fuel emissions, etc.

The internet of things strategy helps businesses align their goals with their needs by connecting devices together and with humans over the internet to optimise performance. The smartphones and smart televisions that people use at homes or workplace are prime examples of an IoT strategy that have placed all the information online, allowing easy access to businesses and customers to make better decisions. You might even have heard about smart homes where you can control the atmosphere and lighting anywhere, even allowing people to work remotely.

5 Use Cases of IoT

  • Smart Homes

One of the greatest inventions of all time, smart homes, is the implementation of IoT that lets the owner control the house environment from anywhere. What could get better but take your home security to the next level? Users can leverage different levels of IoT depending on the level of connectivity and security that they want. It even goes beyond this and integrates entertainment and utility systems in the house. Hence, improving automation. It provides homes and workplaces with advanced locking, surveillance and illumination systems.

Further, it lets owners control the inside temperature and lighting through a remote. On the other hand, you can automate the process with ai consulting UK by setting a timer. In some cases, all the house lighting systems shut down if no one is detected at home. Thus, saving electricity at all times.

  • Self-driving Cars

You might have heard a lot about cars driving themselves. Even if not heard, you might have at least thought about it once in your life. Tesla is the best example of such a company cars. These cars use next-generation technologies implemented after researching and experimenting multiple times. It is done to make the end product safe as it deals with human lives on the road. Such vehicles have sensors and systems firmly embedded in them while connected to Cloud and the internet. This generates data and sends them over the Cloud. Further, helping it make better decisions with machine learning. However, it is still being experimented with law and regulation. Still, there is time to become a highly used or demanded machine. Thus, people are about to witness the most important application of IoT strategy.

  • Traffic Management

Managing traffic in a developing or developed country is a tiring task. It requires patience and the skills to peacefully control it. However, this becomes impossible a lot of times. Since the population is swiftly increasing, so is the demand for cars. There are more cars seen on the roads now when compared to 2010. Thus, it required a quick solution to reduce the chances of accidents. It was here that IoT provided a solution, improving traffic monitoring by allowing people to use smartphones as sensors. Further, it gathered and shared data from their vehicles via various apps like Google Maps.

Moreover, it enhances the information on multiple routes going to the same destination and estimates the arrival time accordingly. Besides this, it analyses the traffic patterns to evaluate the traffic condition at peak hours and the reasons causing it. This helps commuters find alternative ways to avoid traffic and delays.

  • Retail Shops

The internet of things strategy has entered the retail store market, providing easy access to users worldwide. Many companies have already implemented their business models. But the rest haven’t need to understand its importance. IoT has bridged the gap between an online and retail store. Here the retail store lets users go without paying for cash and deducting money from the online wallet. It even enables them to add different items to carts while picking items from the shelves.

Don’t like the bought product? It doesn’t matter. They can replace it with a new product. The previous item gets deleted, and a new one is added to the cart. Since there is no cashier to bill the products, the process is much easier and takes less time. It removes the need to stand in long queues to get the items billed. Hence, it is one of the most effective and beneficial IoT strategies that will change the shopping experiences pretty soon.

Technological advancement is here to stay. It is going to keep changing the business infrastructure and methods with more innovation. Like, ai consulting UK has automated many industrial procedures. the internet of things will break records with its implementations in various industries. Hence, companies should start integrating into their business models.

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