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The Ultimate Buying Guide for A Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are one of the must-have items for your wardrobe. A wardrobe is incomplete without its essence – leather jackets. The durable and stylish fashion choice has been in the trends for so long that now it’s hard to think of a time when there were no leather jackets. Even nowadays, leather jackets are considered a lauded piece of clothing. The best part is that leather jackets are cheap. A premium-quality leather jacket could cause you around $150 to more than $250 and is often considered a long-term investment.

With multiple options out there and a saturated market, it gets pretty tricky to select a suitable leather jacket, that will also serve your purpose. Allow us to help you ease the process, so you can make an informed decision. We will discuss with you some factors so that you can look out, and save yourself from the regret of making an unknown decision and spending a significant amount in the wrong place.

Leather Quality

The most noteworthy element of a leather jacket is its quality and the type of leather it’s made of. However, not everyone can differentiate quality leather from the cheap one. That’s where we come in, to help you identify the quality of leather, so you end up with a durable, and fine-looking jacket with no regrets.

Let’s start with the animal skin you want your leather jacket to be made of. Exotic leather can be obtained through crocodiles, kangaroo, deer, and many more. More common leathers are from calfskins, cows, lambs, sheep, and goats.

Your choice may be subjective to your purpose, as different types of leather are made for different purposes. As cowhide offers extreme durability and toughness, they lack stretchability. On the other hand, where lambskin is incredibly soft and smooth, it is costly and mostly used in premium products.

Most men’s leather jackets and especially biker jackets are made from cowhide, due to their added durability. While most womens leather jackets utilize lambskin to add extra comfort and smoothness.

Inner lining

The inner lining of a jacket refers to that extra fabric that is used to add insulation. The inner lining also helps in increasing the overall weight of the jacket to firmly tug it down so you end up with a smooth fall and a perfect fit in your casual yet stylish attire. Plus, the inner lining also makes the jacket more comfortable and soft. It also comes in handy to absorb sweat and bodily odor, saving your expensive piece of clothing from getting stains.

Most people are not familiar with the fact that premium sellers offer the option to choose fabric for the inner lining as per your requirements and comfort. You can also choose whether you want a quilted inner lining or not, or if you want any designs or embroidery on it. If you are looking for some breathable and light options, you can always go without inner lining. However, keep in mind, that leather jackets without inner lining are generally expensive as they require more interior finishing and are comparatively complex to produce.

Stitching and Needlework Artistry

Needless to say, a premium quality jacket would have nifty stitching. Orderly stitching also proves that a significant amount of effort was put into the production of the jacket. Quality jackets are stitched with sturdy polyester thread, without any loose ends. You can easily determine the quality of the jacket by closely noticing the stitching of the jacket. Uneven stitching and loose ends in the jacket are definitely a red flag.

Moreover, jackets with decorative needlework are trending, especially in womens leather jackets. Jackets with additional and decorative threadwork on seam and pockets are quite in-demand. Be ready to notice a hike in price as decorative stitching requires time and effort.

Joints and Pockets

This factor in the buying guide is totally subjective. Some jackets have more pockets to offer space availability while other have only two iconic pockets at the bottom, and gives off a more elegant vibe. Usually, biker jackets and jackets with rugged style offer more pockets. On the other hand, more formal jackets go for a cleaner and more elegant look with fewer pockets.

Another crucial factor when determining the quality of a leather jacket is to look for joints. The jackets with fewer joints would indicate that it was made from a single skin or a single piece, which makes them more tricky and time-consuming. Hence, this ends in a notable price increase. However, it’s not the case with all jackets. Jackets with multiple joints can also be expensive, given that they include intricate detailing or styling of some sort.

Many people prefer jackets with fewer joints, but some people want variety in their jackets, and they often go for jackets made with a different type of skin.


Leather jackets are available in a variety of styles. Some offer a more formal look, while others tend to offer a traditional rugged look. It’s up to your taste and requirement, which jacket you choose. But to save your time and give you an idea, we have discussed some of the common and most in-demand styles

When it comes to men’s leather jackets, the most desired jacket is the biker jacket. It goes by different names, including riding jackets, motorcycle jackets, and classics. It comes with its austere look and design. This one is usually heavy and includes a fair amount of pockets, mainly with zippers. Other styles include jackets with hoods, suede jackets, bomber jackets, and formal jackets – also known as blazers.

In womens leather jackets we also have the classic biker jacket, short in length, focuses on fitting, has pockets with zipper, and is generally heavy. Other styles include longer leather jackets, with either zippers or buttons. In the women’s section, you also get to see belted leather jackets, trench leather jackets and cinched leather jackets. The most desired leather jackets by women are buttoned-up leather jackets with fewer pockets (with flaps, instead of zippers).


Last but not the least, we have fitted. It’s one of the essential factors to consider and check before investing in leather jackets. Although the best way to check your fitting is to try it, we would still like to point out something which you should look for.

The foremost thing to check is the shoulders of the jacket. Your shoulders should fit perfectly in the jacket. Next, you should check the sleeves, they should be ending at the base of your thumb. At last, check the length. It should be to your waist unless you are opting for longer jackets.

To sum up

We have discussed all the factors that will help you in making an informed decision. Looking out for these factors will also help you in determining the quality of the leather jacket, thus, refraining you from overpaying.

Happy Shopping!

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