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The Use of Dry Cleaning Avoid Pilling?

Pilling. Sadly, it is something that all of us are aware of and have dealt with before. Pills can form on clothing made of any material and at any price point, from an inexpensive acrylic blend to an expensive cashmere sweater. Continue reading to find out how to stop the pilling process from occurring and what you can do to get rid of those irritating little balls of fuzz that have formed on your favorite apparel.

What is Pilling in Dry Cleaning?

The term “pilling” refers to the process by which groupings of short or broken fibers on a garment go through the process of becoming twisted together in the form of very little knots or balls. This occurs when the surface of the fabric rubs against other items or with itself during normal wear and use, such as when it happens with the fabric beneath your armpits, on your sleeves, in the front area of the garment, and in the back portion of the garment.

How to Keep Your Clothes From Pilling When You Wash Them

When you wash your garments, keep these helpful hints in mind to avoid pilling from occurring:


  1. Before washing the clothing, ensure that they are turned inside out. Because of this, the surface of the fabric is not subjected to an excessive amount of abrasion from other garments, zippers, or buttons..


2. Use a liquid laundry detergent. Washing powder granules can cause abrasion damage, but this helps to prevent that harm. If you are going to use washing powder, you need to be sure that it has completely dissolved in the water before you add your garments to the washing machine.


  1. To protect fragile objects from being harmed, store them in separate mesh laundry bags. This prevents them from rubbing against one another, which would otherwise loosen the fibres.


  1. Wash things made of different types of fabric in separate loads, for example, cotton should be washed separately from other types of fabric. In order to avoid any color bleed-through during the washing process, you should also separate items of different colors before beginning.

How to Prevent and Eliminate Pilling in Clothing


The pilling process might be somewhat irritating, but it is not difficult to get rid of the pills once they have been used. Utilizing either a fabric comb or a battery-operated pill and fuzz remover that shaves the pills from the surface of the garment is one of the most effective ways to remove pilling. Fabric combs are also an option. If you do not own a fabric comb or a pill and fuzz remover, you can hold the fabric taut over a curved surface and gently cut off the pills with small, sharp scissors. You can also use a safety razor to shave the fabric if you do not own a fabric comb or a pill and fuzz remover.

Before attempting to complete this task on your own, you should be sure to exercise extreme caution and consider the cost of the item. You always have the option of taking it to a professional dry cleaner to get it cleaned and depilled if you either do not have the time to do it yourself or you simply do not want to do it yourself.

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