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Things To Consider When Buying An Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles are said to be the future of mobility, and we all know how beneficial they can be to our planet. Cleaner emissions mean less pollution, and less pollution means a more environmentally friendly environment. So, when it comes to environmentally friendly transportation, electric vehicles have a significant role to play. In India, there are currently only a few electric vehicles for sale. 

Buying an electric car can be difficult due to the EVs’ complex technical terms. Before purchasing an environmentally friendly vehicle, there are numerous factors to consider. Every factor influences your decision, from the cost of the car to the charging infrastructure. It can be overwhelming purchasing them, especially if it’s your first time.

If you want to buy an electric car and are looking for an electric car buying guide, this article will give you all the information you need.

Size and Space

When buying an electric vehicle, you will want to choose a model you can live with as a daily driver. For example, a subcompact model’s interior may be too cramped for taller motorists. Some electric cars are inherently easy to enter and exit for some drivers than others. 

Back seat leg and headroom would also be a concern if you regularly carry multiple passengers. If you have small children, you’ll want to determine how easy or difficult it might be to get them in and out of their car seats. 

You should also check the cargo space in the trunk (if it’s a sedan) or behind the back seats (if it’s a hatchback or crossover sport-utility vehicle). Make sure they can accommodate a sufficient number of grocery bags or your typical warehouse-store purchases. Examine the cargo volume with the rear back seats folded flat, and note how easy or difficult it is to load and unload large items.


Whether you’re looking for a new or used vehicle, gas or electric, you should take a rigorous test drive before signing a bill of sale. It is critical to ensure that the vehicle is acceptable in terms of comfort and that all accessories are easily operable and in good working order. 

Importantly, those who have never driven an electric car will notice a slightly different driving experience. Because there is no engine or exhaust, an electric car is extremely quiet, which may be off-putting to some drivers. An electric car immediately delivers all of its available power, which can make higher-powered models feel twitchy until you learn how to fine-tune the accelerator.


Do you believe that an EV’s battery is bound to fail? Then you’ve probably heard the myth that after only a few years of use, you’ll be hit with a hefty bill for replacing your car’s battery. That is simply not true.

Although batteries lose capacity over time, which is normal, there are significant separate battery warranties, most of which are in the range of 8 years and 150,000 km or longer. These fully cover battery issues such as excessive range loss. However, you can rest assured that these batteries will last the life of the vehicle.

If you are purchasing a used EV, you must perform a range test to determine the battery’s condition. Electric vehicles display relevant vehicle data such as battery health, motor temperature, economy, cell voltage, and so on on the dashboard or to your smartphone or laptop. If the pack is out of stability or overheating, a graphical cell display will show it. In that case, you can either refuse to buy the car or have it replaced under warranty.

Key Takeaway

Electric vehicles are fast, fun to drive, require little maintenance, and emit no tailpipe emissions, which contribute significantly to climate change. Even if you’re certain you want one, there are plenty to choose from. That’s why it’s critical to know what you’re looking for. 

This short and simple guide will help you jumpstart your decision in purchasing the best electric vehicle that fits your comfort and transportation needs.

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