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Things to do in Kedarkantha trek


Kedarkantha, like the name suggests the throat of Lord Shiva. This beautiful mountain peak speaks volumes when it comes to unimaginable scenic beauty far from man made reality. Its altitude being not so tall and not so short makes it favourable to budding as well as experienced trekkers. All you need to be is physically fit and have a curious mind.


Let’s walk into the abyss of mighty Himalayas, away from the societal framework and everything you’ve ever known. Kedarkantha will make your mind go silent with its  jaw dropping views and hospitable kind villagers. It is always recommended to travel light during this trek and carry medications. The food during the trek will be plain and simple. Also, the villages at the base provide vegetarian dal and chawal.  It is thoroughly advised not to skip your meals or  medications. Your health is a  prime aspect when it comes to completing this trek. 

Meanwhile you can also plan for Kareri Lake Trek.

Nearby Towns

The nearest village is Sankri which is often the base for the upcoming treks to Har-ki-dun and Kedarkantha trek. Kedarkantha is located in the Singtur Ranges of Himalayan Mountains.  One can reach Sankri via taxi or bus. It is better to travel during the day and reach any base camp in the first half of the day. Neighboring villages like Mori and Saur provide food  and accommodation to travellers aiming to trek. Another gateway to these treks is from 

Purola village.

Purola is situated at 1524 m above sea level. It is 112kms away from Uttarkashi. It is a gateway to Har-Ki-dun trek. Also, it is a stop where a taxi drops you if you are  travelling from Dehradun. The distance between Sankri and Purola is 55 kms. Purola is surrounded by the Govind WildLife Sanctuary.. Purola is easily accessible by road via Rishikesh, Uttarkashi, or via Mussoorie- Purola-Saur. Buses from Uttarkashi, Barkot, Dehradun, Naitwar to Saur-Sankri connect Purola  via road.

Sankri Village

If you are travelling to Kedarkantha make sure you pack appropriate footwear and keep yourself warm as the mountain peak is filled with snow. On the way to Kedarkantha, there are few base camps before reaching the summit. One of them is Juda ka Talab. However, if you come across this pristine lake surrounded  by tall Pine trees, do not forget to click a photo. Other than trekking, there is a Sankri Zipline in Sankri village. Its length is 750 m which starts from Sankri and ends in Saur Village. This is the highest zipline in Uttarakhand. 

Location os Sankri

Sankri is at the base of Govind Wildlife Sanctuary. One can also choose to explore neighboring villages like Mori, Saur, Netwar, Taluka etc.  which are within 50 kms from Sankri. Mori has an eco-lodge called ‘Moustad’ which is built by villagers for the tourists,However, do keep in mind that finding accommodation in these villages is a tough part. There are no five star hotels so one has to settle for homestay.

The wildlife sanctuary is the upper reservoir of Tons River which is one of the most important tributaries of River Yamuna in the region. The sanctuaries have many rare species like snow leopard, bharal, black bear, brown bear and other wild animals which you may not get to see in the plains. The best time to visit this National Park/Wildlife Sanctuary is April-June and September-November.


Did you know? 

        The region of Uttarakhand was originally home to Kuninda people, an Aryan group  who practiced a primitive version of Shaivism and lived a semi-nomadic existence, herding livestock and trading salt across Himalaya to neighbouring Tibet. Many of their Shrines have been incorporated in Hindu Mythology. 


Other noteworthy places in Uttarakhand:

  1. Jim Corbett National Park
  2. Kedarnath Sanctuary
  3. Nanda Devi National Park
  4. Ashkot
  5. Rajaji National Park
  6. Ramgarh study camp*
  7. Dudholi Jungle Camp


*[ 25 kms from Nainital, a picturesque town surrounded by orchards full of Apples, peaches, apricots, plums, nuts etc. Many writers and thinkers have been to the beauty of Ramgarh. Shri Aurobindo and Narain Swami established an Ashram. Rabindranath Tagore wrote and Mahadevi spent  a long time here.


All in all, you can be a  60 year old or a 6 six year old. Kedarkantha trek can be completed by  those who possess a fit body and enthusiasm to explore new places. This place is a cradle for photographers, bird watches and wildlife enthusiasts too. 






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