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Top 3 Medical Schools in Ireland

Medical Schools in Ireland


Studying at Irish medical universities can be an enriching experience for students. Irish country is very economical if planned properly and also offers scholarships to the learners. There are multiple universities that provide meritorious scholarships to students. By going to Ireland for education you get a chance to learn in some of the most historic medical universities in Europe. Moreover, the quality of education at these universities is also incredible. In short, it is worthwhile to study medicine at Irish universities. Keeping this in mind, today we are sharing with you the top 3 medical schools that you can join to study medicine in Ireland.

Top 3 Medical Schools in Ireland:

NUI Galway School of Medicine

NUI Galway ranks high among the best 300 academic institutions worldwide. The university has been providing top-notch training to medical students since 1845. Every year more than 18,000 foreign students enroll themselves in the courses of this amazing university. Besides this, the university gives strong emphasis on research in areas like human health and wellbeing. Moreover, its campus is near Galway University Hospital. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery medical are two popular courses that you can study at NUI Galway School of Medicine. On average you will need around €50,135 per year to study at this medical school. To learn about NUI in detail feel free to contact our study abroad consultants in India for Ireland.

University College Cork

University College Cork is another exemplary medical university that you can join for learning medicine. The university features five medical schools that are famous all over the world for providing quality training to medical students. Moreover, the mission of the university is to deliver quality educational programs that help medical students become competent physicians. Besides this, the university gives strong emphasis on PG study and research. Also, the university offers two UG medical programs with a duration of five years and four years respectively. On average you will need around €44,000 per year to study at University College Cork.

Royal College of Surgeons

The Royal College of Surgeons came into existence in the year 1784. The medical university over the years has produced many great surgeons for the world. Moreover, the RCSI is present in Dublin and offers lots of education programs for medical aspirants. During the training, you will develop a solid foundation in general medicine. Moreover, you get a chance to learn medical skills in a clinical setting. Besides this, RCSI has one of the largest campuses across entire Europe that features a phenomenal modern clinical simulation facility. In addition, on average you will need around €25,000 per year to study at the Royal College of Surgeons. For more information about RCSI feel free to contact our study in Ireland consultants in Gurgaon.


These are the top medical universities in Ireland that provide quality education to medical students. So, make sure you check out these fantastic medical universities if you are a medical aspirant and wish to study in Ireland. Studying at these medical universities can be very beneficial for your medical career.


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