Top 5 Android App Development Languages 2022

If you are considering starting a career in android app development, it is important to get an overview of different development languages. Once you decide on a programming language, you need a dependable internet connection like Cox internet plans and start learning it online. There are different paid and free sources online like courses on Coursera and But an important decision before learning to code is to consider the programming language. You can consider aspects like usage, scope, and ease of learning.

Check out 5 of the best languages for Android app development in 2022.

Programming Languages to Learn in 2022

Today, programmers use a variety of programming languages to develop applications. Learning every language has its own positives and negatives. However, the best approach in the decision-making phase is to choose one language and practice it.

You should continue to write code in a programming language until you develop some level of expertise in it. It is better to start learning other technologies (programming languages) only after grasping the concepts of one. Consistency is the key.

Following are 5 programming languages you can consider learning in 2022:


JavaScript is one of the most famous programming languages in the world with over 12 million developers. This full-stack technology covers frontend and backend development tools. Its frameworks like React Native allow cross-platform application development. In other words, you can create applications for both Android and Apple devices.

So, there’s so much you can do and many jobs you can land by learning JavaScript. You can learn to code in this language from,, and Code Academy for free.


Kotlin is another programming language that you can learn to create Android applications. This language came out in 2011 and was first developed to overcome the shortcomings of Java. Like JavaScript, you can develop both iOS and Android apps. The advantages of learning Kotlin include clear and concise codes that can be maintained easily. However, you may face different challenges like limited learning and reference resources.

You can learn this language from Kotlin’s official website and courses taught by individuals on Udemy. Also, you may find some quality content on learning Kotlin from YouTube.


According to many developers, C++ is the best programming language for developing applications. It is one of the oldest languages, yet it is still thriving in web and application development ecosystems. Many famous applications like Photoshop, Spotify, and Google Chrome are examples of applications based on C++. Even many major games include C++ coding. Since it is an older language, there is so much content available to learn this language. Platforms like Cisco Academy are often offering free training and certifications in C++.

Other popular sources to learn C++ are Code Academy and Free Code Camp. Also, there’s a ton of video content on YouTube accessible for free.


Java is the most popular language for app development. It has been around since 1995 and it is fairly easy to learn programming language. Formerly, Java was the official programming language for Android development. But now Kotlin has become the official language. Still, Java has a lot of demands and usage in developing applications. By using Android Studio and Java coding, you can create applications without using other languages. It is a major advantage of this programming language.

If you do not have any previous programming knowledge, Java is a good language to get you started. You can learn it from Code Academy,, and paid courses on Udemy.

C #

C # or C Sharp is a programming language developed by Microsoft in 2000. Like Java, it is an easy language for anyone who wants to start application development. It works on simplified syntax without many complications. It is well-liked by developers because of its ability to create cross-platform applications. Also, Microsoft has facilitated the use of this language by offering a variety of tools. Yet, this language offers some challenges as well. Like the codes written in C # are not as flexible for changes.

However, it is among some of the most popular programming languages for Android app developments. So, it is worth learning. Code Academy, Free Code Camp, tutorials on YouTube, and paid certifications.


It is best to get an overview of a programming language when you want to start app development. JavaScript, C++, C #, Kotlin, and Java are some languages worth learning in 2022 for a career in app development. See the basics of all these technologies, potential, and ease of learning to get started.

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