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Top Grain Storage Techniques you should consider while storing your Grains

The best weight for long-term grain storage is above 58 pounds per bushel.

When it comes to grain prices, in a weather-driven market, anything can happen. After adding the unpredictable trade agreements, you get more reasons to plan your grain storage. There are many market strategies like grain chiller, and proper sanitation that is leaning towards long-term grain storage of a year, or more. It’s better to be proactive with your grain storage instead of being sorry for the spoiled grain and its quality. Here are some of the grain storage tips that will help you to get the most out of your operations.

To help you get the most payback from your laborers, here are some of the tips you can follow for this year’s harvest.

Prepare your Grain Bins

The bins should be thoroughly cleaned in order to get rid of leftover grain that may have insects. You should take proper care of the grain storage and clean it thoroughly under the floors. If you discover insects, fumigate them properly for at least five weeks prior to storing new grain. It is always advisable to install or check grain temperature monitoring cables.

Focus on saving Grain Storage Life

Saving grain shelf life is an important factor for long-term grain storage. During the harvest, holding wet grain before drying uses up a significant portion of your grain’s long-term storage time. Wet holding times should be limited to four to eight hours to avoid issues with allowable storage time.

Dry Grain according to Moisture Content Benchmark

Drying grain till it becomes completely dry is not at all a good idea. There should be some allowable moisture in the bin. You cannot get around the physical laws of grain storage. If you plan to store corn for the longest possible storage time, it needs to be dried to 13%. For soybeans, it becomes 11%. Whereas wheat needs to be 12.5 %( always consider that selling grain under 14% moisture content reduces weight).

Test the Weight of Your Grain

High test weights mean grain has good storage properties. You’ll require a majority of kernels to have no cracks where molds can start. Corn that field dried frequently has better test weights. The best weight for long-term grain storage is above 58 pounds per bushel.

Store Better Quality Grain

The freshly harvested grain is always the best it will ever be. The most challenging thing about grain is that it doesn’t improve during storage. With this, your grain’s condition at harvest will determine how well it is going to be stored. Grains with inferior test weight, lots of fines, damaged kernels, and others issues make it difficult to store them for a long period of time. Good quality grain increases storage time.

Use Grain Chillers

Grain chillers are the best option you can choose. These chillers are big-sized grain cooling systems that preserve the right quality of moisture in the grain so that grains are preserved for a long period of time. Grain chillers are the modern way of preserving grains by retaining their quality at the topmost level. So, if you are looking for the best grain storage techniques, Grain chillers remain always on top.

Don’t Mix your Old Grains with New Ones

Never ever mix your old grains with new ones. If you must mix grain to make more room for this year’s harvest, combine old crops together. Thoroughly clean and prepare bins for storing your new harvest. Mixing new grains that aren’t yet stable can hamper the quality of new ones and can add extra moisture to old ones.


When it comes to grain storage, has become a new challenge. With the inconsistent temperature and uninformed rains all over India, grain storage techniques have become an important aspect. So, if you are looking for the best storage technique, always consider grain chillers as the best available option.

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