Top Reasons Why React Js is Popular 

A recent study revealed that React js is one of the most emerging web framework applications, and people who use this framework are loving it!

Today, React js is useful for designing and maintaining over a million websites.

Top-notch companies like Amazon and Netflix are just some of the industry giants that use this library.

 Frontend frameworks and libraries are vital aspects of the application development process.

 For creating high-quality responsive websites and apps, using React libraries has become imperative.

It is one such front-end tool for programmers that is used by around 10.2 million websites worldwide.

With the space in which the digital world is going, there are new libraries are getting launched every year. 

It is quite confusing which framework to use for your business. 

In this blog, we will highlight some reasons to adapt  React framework.

Before you hire react js developer, first read this article.

Here we curated a list of the top 8 reasons to use React framework in 2022. 

We will discuss some outstanding features of ReactJS that make it unique from its counterparts, such as Angular or Vue.

 Before we move ahead first let us understand React JS.


ReactJS – An Introduction

React JS is a library written in Javascript for building high-quality user interfaces for applications. 

Designed by Jordan Walke in 2011, it sets a new precedent for developing fast and dynamic apps using JavaScript.

This framework gives coders resources for creating reusable and easily integrable UI components.

It reduces development time and delivers a responsive user interface for all applications and websites.

The User interface is a medium through which a user interacts with the website such as a button, a link, menu tabs, or search bars. 

React js provides a massive collection of UI components that front-end developers use for designing personalized interactive elements.

React mainly works on creating the View Layer, which includes all the parts of a page visible to users of an application.

Many people define React as a framework instead of a library. 

They are right.

 After all, React framework is more than just some pre-written code snippets and functions. 

Today, you can design entire applications for web browsers and smartphones using React JS ecosystem.

It has a robust ecosystem and is greatly flexible. And includes all libraries and frameworks for executing complex actions.

With excellent features such as Virtual DOMs, JSX, state management, and reusable components independent of each other, React js developers can significantly minimize their development time.

You can write clean and manageable react js code with strict structure rules and a unidirectional flow of data.

 It requires less effort to test and maintain these React js apps and websites.


What is React js Used For?

React JS framework is a multi-purpose, open-source library used in front-end development, for creating elegant user interfaces. 

It evolved the responsive nature of web pages by developing a new way of rendering websites.

Some use cases of React are highlighted below. An organisation usually prefers working with it when its project includes one of the following-

  • React js ecosystem works great when you want to build Single Page Applications (SPAs) as it can rewrite and update content on a website without refreshing the page.
  • React Native, an outstanding framework of React is useful for building native mobile apps.
  • Large social media networks, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Reddit use React framework.
  • Newspaper agency New York Times, streaming service Netflix, and Customer relation system SalesForce also use this library to create react js mobile apps.

3 Reasons Stating Why Use React js

React JS ecosystem is the most accepted JS library in today’s times. Even after years of its release, it is consistently used by front-end developers. 

Here we highlighted a few other significant React features in detail to understand their functionalities and popularity.

React js is simple to Learn Compared to Angular

Firstly, React js ecosystem is an elementary and lightweight library that handles the view layer of a web page. 

Secondly, this framework has an easy learning curve, making it easier to start as compared to Angular.
Thirdly, If you are well versed in HTML-CSS and programming concepts, you can easily start working with React.

Fourthly,  React js documentation available online will help you with everything related to this library.

React js  Has a Massive Development Community

Firstly, Among the top 5 trending repositories on GitHub, React framework is an open-source library developed by Jordan Walke. 

Secondly, It gathers a huge following of JavaScript developers who build new solutions and tools regularly. 

Thirdly, A huge number of user-developed applications are present in the official library.

Fourthly, You can approach a large community of experts to solve any problems. Plus, this is the best way to keep yourself updated. 

Additionally, As of January 2022,  this library has more than 180K stars on Github and around 10 million npm downloads weekly.

React js Offers Reusable Components

Firstly, React js Components are independent, reusable bits of code. 

Secondly, the input can be provided to the component (called props), and a rendered HTML element will return.

Thirdly, You can utilize them as a primary JavaScript function or a class component, a JavaScript class that requires a render method.

Fourthly, the components you develop can be reused in different parts of the app, or you can create wrappers that provide structure and reusability.

Fifthly, if you create wrapper components using existing ones, you end up with an application root component.

Sixthly, system upgrades with reusable components often lead to huge complications as every change can impact other components’ work. 

Lastly, managing updates is easy for react js developers as all the components are isolated, and changes in one will not affect the others.


React js is a very famous JavaScript library across the world. It offers high functionalities and is a great choice for developers looking for an easy-to-use and productive JavaScript framework.

It is hard to predict which technology will be around for the long run with new libraries and frameworks coming out every year.

But React JS ecosystem has proved its durability for the last 10 years against other frameworks like Angular, Django, Vue, and Ruby on Rails.

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Shalu Vashisht is a technical content writer at BigScal. She has experience creating content for multiple industries, including B2B, Healthcare, travel, Tech, and Marketing. Beyond that, she loves enjoying traveling, food tasting, and reading psychology books.

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