Top things to do in Seattle

Where do I even start talking about Seattle? It is a destination known for an endless number of things. Whether you want to rejuvenate, feel refreshed, explore museums, or enjoy the nightlife, you can do it all here. 

If you are planning a trip to Seattle and want to make this trip the best, add the places below to your itinerary. 

What things to not miss in Seattle?

Seattle welcomes all its travelers with open arms. If you are a solo traveler traveling with your family or friends, you will feel energized at this place.

Find all the places you need to explore in Seattle from the information below.

Pioneer Square

Pioneer Square is the oldest neighborhood in Seattle, and you should remember to visit it when you are here. 

Witness the best architecture and art galleries here. Furthermore, if you are a bookworm and love reading books, this place is heaven for you as there are various bookstores here. 

Also, enjoy your coffee with yummy dishes at the cafes here. 

Many travelers also love to know about the destination’s history. If you are also a history buff and wish to have a keen knowledge of Seattle’s history, then this is the perfect place. 

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Seattle Great Wheel

Just like London has the London eye, Seattle has its great wheel. You can imagine the look from a height of 175 feet. Witness the most stunning view of Seattle from this height. Don’t forget to take pictures and videos and keep these memories alive for the rest of your life.

The wheel looks even more beautiful with its lights turned on. Furthermore, enjoy the beautiful skyline of Seattle from the top of this wheel. 

Seward Park

Seward park is located just 20 minutes from downtown Seattle. Though it is located just 20 minutes from downtown, you will feel like you have entered a new world. 

This is an old forest that allows all the tourists to escape the everyday chaotic life. So, if you also want to get away from city life, there cannot be a better place.

Seattle Art Museum

Are you an art lover, and are you keen on witnessing the best work of art? If yes, adding Seattle Art Museum to your itinerary is a must. Even if you visit this museum alone, you will enjoy it a lot here.

Here, you will find the collection of both Pacific Northwest and Native American artwork. Not just travelers from outside of Seattle but even the locals also visit this museum often. 

Alki Beach

One of the most beautiful places in Seattle is Alki Beach. Go to this beach to witness the most beautiful sunset and the prettiest skyline. Spend the evening relaxing at the beach and get rid of all your stress and worries.

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Plan a trip to Seattle without waiting anymore and have the best trip.


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