Trifles by Susan Glaspell Essay – Mrs Wright

In this play, a woman is suspected of murdering her husband, and the men try to understand her. For example, women were confined to the home, and their contributions were overlooked and devalued. Truth, perception, and value are themes in this drama. The play’s title emphasizes that women’s concerns are often ignored as minor, while men handle the “real labor.”

The neighbor, Mr. Hale, recounts his knowledge of Mr. Wright’s murder. En route, Mr. Hale sought to convince his neighbor to install a phone so they could all benefit, and Mr. Wright was tough to sell since he refused to put one up. So Mr. Hale intended to go to Mr. Wright’s residence and propose to him in front of Mrs. Wright.

No one answered the door when Mr. Hale knocked. He kept hitting till he heard an inside voice invite him in. A disheveled Mrs. Wright in her rocking chair was unaware of his presence until he asked to see Mr. Wright. He’s hidden. That day she revealed his death. She said a neck rope; he wondered how. Mr. Hale inquired whither, to which she pointed upstairs as though

He ran upstairs and discovered Mr. Wright’s body as Mrs. Wright described it when they display the suspects with their wives. The guys are there to practice law, while the ladies bring personal goods to Mrs. Wright.

The man who spoke to Mrs. Wright stated she is worried about her preserving jars breaking due to the cold. Isn’t that a frozen fruit jar on the kitchen shelf? Womanly worrying about trivialities is a thing. Mrs. Wright was worried about her preservers since she worked hard for them and her husband allowed her. Her husband made her quit choir.

The two ladies in the room become closer as the county attorney moves about the kitchen making derogatory remarks about their kitchen. Not because they knew Mrs. Wright, but because they understand farm life.

Despite their protests, women see things that men do not. For example, they observe Mrs. Wright having bread laid, suggesting her preparations. They remember Minnie Foster’s miserable life, undoubtedly caused by her husband’s unwise choices. They don’t believe she displayed any signs of fury or sudden acute emotion when she was worried about her preserves and apron.

While in jail, the males reportedly “sneak” around her house, criticizing her housekeeping skills and claiming she didn’t have time to clean.

The men giggle as the women study Mrs. Wright’s quilting design. The boys are unaware that the quilt includes critical evidence. In one portion of the quilt, Mrs. Wright wasn’t being her usual fastidious self, and she was having problems stitching at the moment.

The men’s intentions are trusted, and Mrs. Hale enhances the stitching. The two ladies arrive near a birdcage that looks brutally opened. They remember someone selling canaries but not having a bird or a cat that could have gotten to it. They remember Minnie Foster used to sing like a beautiful bird before she married.

The women discussed Mrs. Wright’s loneliness without children and a husband who was always working and bad company when home.

So they’re getting the quilt and looking for scissors and a box. They find a bird with a broken neck, as if strangled, indicating Mrs. Wright killed her husband after he slaughtered her pet. Men and women benefit from women’s expertise.

The County Attorney sneers. An attorney wonders if a cat got the bird, and they claim it did. Mr. Wright is the cat.

Because the men don’t expect the women to help, they can hide Mrs. Wright’s motive.

The ladies feel bad for not visiting Minnie and taking the bird’s box home. Less than a minute later, the boys come and claim Mrs. Wright wanted to knot it, knowing she killed her husband, but they had

I believe Mrs. Wright went insane after her emotionally abusive husband pushed her too far. She killed her husband the way he had been steadily killing her for years and also killed her canary. She is psychotic, and she was emotionless, gave one-word responses, and showed signs of distress.

Author: David jones (Essay Help Expert)

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