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Uber Clone App: A Complete Guide

Uber Clone App

The Uber clone app‘s secret is in its simplicity, which appeals to a person’s core interests. You won’t have to wait in line or compete for a ride with others. Simply tap the screen of your phone and voilà! The cab is there outside your door, waiting for you.

It’s no surprise that many people want to create or clone an Uber-like app. In the business sphere, the term “Uber clone” gained popularity.

What Is An Uber Clone?

It’s a cab booking app with all of Uber’s capabilities. Customers can also create their own add-ons and extensions. What better and more straightforward way to launch an online taxi service than to copy Uber’s features? Small business owners, entrepreneurs, and startups that wish to start their own taxi company are often baffled as to how to construct an Uber clone app.e

To Build An Uber Clone App, Make The Right Technology Choices


Should I write my Android Uber Clone in Java or Kotlin?

Android apps are written in Java and adhere to the MVP architecture, as well as being compatible with Android Pie, the most recent version.

Which programming language should I choose to make an iOS application? | Objective C or Swift?

Swift is used to create iOS apps that adhere to the MVVM paradigm and are compatible with iOS 13. (the most recent version).


What design patterns should I use when creating an Uber-like app’s admin/web app? Should I build the Uber Clone online admin with Angular, PHP, or React Native? Which web technology should I use to develop the web admin in Uber Script?


For an Uber script, what databases should you use? | SQL or NoSQL?

For operations that need low latency, REDIS is utilised as an in-memory data structure storage, cache, and message broker. Lua scripting, transactions, on-disk persistence, a pub-sub system, a variety of data types, and cluster support are also included.

Because of its elastic scalability, always-on design, rapid linear-scale performance, flexible data storage (structured, semi-structured, and unstructured), easy data distribution, transaction support, and fast writes support, Cassandra is utilised as a secondary database.

Queuing & Messaging

A queuing system that functions as a buffer and separates the data sender from the data producer should be implemented. It handles the discrepancy in the rate of incoming booking requests and bookings dispatched during high volumes of traffic to avoid missing any incoming booking request dispatch.

 Payment & Wallet

Which payment gateways should I use?

For the MENA region – Payfort

Payfort Europe/USA – Stripe/Braintree;

UK –  2Checkout,


How to make the Uber Clone app secure?

We use a fork of an open-source API gateway written in GO with an authentication server incorporated to handle token refresh and expiry, routing to microservices, rate limiting, and handling API authorisation.

Customer Support

In today’s extremely competitive industry, building an Uber-like app requires innovation, not just inspiration. Uber’s success can also attribute to the time of its inception. No other company had ever attempted to provide ride-hailing services on such a large scale. However, The market environment has changed. Uber’s competitors have snatched market share from it.

At Apptunix, innovation is a key department, and we’ve worked with hundreds of taxi startups to help them bring their app concepts to reality. Why not create an innovative and successful project instead of slavishly imitating the Uber app’s functionality?


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