Understand and Fix the QuickBooks Crash Catcher Mac Issue

QuickBooks has been an aid for organizations and people seeking reliable bookkeeping. Using the software helped the businesses to grow and expand rapidly. There are many QB versions available crafted as per different types of businesses and users’ requirements. Even after all this, QuickBooks is always under a potential threat of unexpected errors that negatively impact the functioning of this software. QuickBooks Error 1904 doesn’t let a user install the software on their PC due to some misconfigured settings in Windows. In case you are also bothered by this installation error on your device, keep reading the blog to find out the reasons that may develop this error and the solutionto it.

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About the error

This is an error that results in a failure of the software installation on your computer. The error occurs as soon as you start installing QuickBooks and won’t let the process continue. This indicates that a file required during the software installation has gone missing or may have been damaged on your system’s hard drive. The error needs to be fixed to complete the installation,or you’ll see an error message, “Error1904[file path/name/extension] failed to register,” whenever you begin the installation.

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The reasons mentioned below are responsible for the occurrence of this error in QuickBooks-

  • The Windows account settings are not favourable for QuickBooks, and it fails to access some essential files during the installation.
  • Some issues during the download led to damage to the installation file.
  • Security application active on your PC is interfering with the installation process of QuickBooks.

Method to fix

The following procedure is effective in removing this error from your QuickBooks-

Step 1-Sign in through the Windows Administrator account

Certain actions are not allowed through the regular account you are currently using. QuickBooks processes may be interrupted by the Windows firewall, and the software may also struggle while accessing files on the hard drive. Using an administrator grants users special rights, allowing them to use all the necessary resources for installation without facing any restrictions. Use the steps below-

  1. Click on the Windows Startbutton and select your account’s username.
  2. Tap the Sign out
  3. Once you are logged out of your account, sign in again using the Administrator account, which shouldn’t have a password.

Once you are logged in through your Admin account, let’s change the Windows Account settings.

Step 2- Configure the Windows Account settings

You’ll now be allowed to change the Windows Account settings that may restrict the software installation on your device. Follow the method-

  1. Go to C:\Program files\Common files.
  2. Right-click on the common files folder and select propertiesfrom the list.
  3. Under the Securitytab, click on
  4. Select Usersin the Group or usernames.
  5. Allow all the permissions like Modify, read, write, List folder contents, Read & execute or mark the Full controlcheck box.
  6. Click Applyand then tap
  7. Try installing QuickBooks again.

You’ll be able to install QuickBooks now, and after installation, you can again sign in through your regular account.


We have reached the end of our blog containing the causes of QuickBooks Error 1904 and the appropriate method to fix it. We hope you applied the procedure andQuickBooks was successfully installed.

Consult a QB expert by dialing 1.855.738.2784 if any queries are still left.

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