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Unique Things To Do In Mexico City

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Visit in Mexico City

If you are looking for some unique things to do in visit in Mexico City, you have landed in the right place. This is one of the most exciting places in the whole of the world. It is a beautiful blend of art, culture, history, food, and whatnot. To make your journey most exciting and thrilling, grab some of the best and most interesting ideas from the sections below.

Before we move on to the activities and things to do in Mexico City, you must know what could be the best ways to get there. Well, talk to a Live Person at Iberia Airlines to make a flight booking. When you call the airline, you can ask the airline person to brief you about the low-fare flights to Mexico city from your departure city.

Now let us find out what activities we can carry forward to enjoy the most in Mexico city.

Activities to do in Mexico City:

Have a look at these:

Visit the Frida Kahlo Museum:

Have you heard about the well-known painter Frida Kahlo? Oh, you must have. Actually, this museum was not a museum since its construction. It was the house of Frida. She was born here. Lived here and took the last breath here itself. It later turned into a museum attracting many tourists to Mexico City. You must be thinking about what you can do here in this museum. You can go through the most remarkable work of the painter, and not only painting, in a way you get to see the way of life she used to live. 

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Explore the La Ciudadela:

This is the artisanal market of the city. With each heading step, you are going to see something unique at this place. You can buy something for your home decor. You can buy jugs, jars, jaguar heads sculpted with black mud, wooden skulls, and many other things like this if you are thinking of not buying anything for yourself. You can take something for your family and friends. 

Witness the sunrise from the highest point:

If you are willing to have a panoramic and 360 view of the city, you can come to the Monumental Sunrise. This spot offers you to do so. Moreover, if you wish to have the best experience, you must reach this place before sunrise. You will just forget the sight your whole life. If you come for this tour, you will have complimentary coffee and pastries. You will be watching some of the highlight buildings of the city. Some might include the Opera House, the Frontón México,  the Chopo University museum, and the Tlatelolco University Cultural Centre.

Enjoy the presence of little Venice:

Xochimilco is one of the most popular destinations to visit in Mexico City. It has been acknowledged as a UNESCO World Heritage. What you can do here is that you can have a trajinera boat ride through the canal. You are going to come across some interesting things that will make your canal tour more attractive. The mariachis players, marimbas, and ‘ranchero’ trios will lighten up your evening even more. 

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Is Mexico city expensive to visit?

If you are thinking about the per day cost, you would need to have per person when you are in Mexico City. Then it is $138. Yes, this includes everything, including the food and the transportation. So, you can calculate your expenditure if you are planning a trip to Mexico City.  You can multiply the number of members you are travelling with and then add the amount for the days you have to be in the city.

Also, if you are thinking about how many days would be enough to explore Mexico City, then it should be at least 4 to 5 days. You might extend your holidays as per your interest and availability of your leaves and holidays.

Therefore, we have given all the necessary information that you must have before planning your days and time in the city. Also, you now know at least some activities to carry on with when you are here. With the Iberia Manage Booking option, you can also upgrade your seat with the airline. So, if you are looking for this, you can call the airline for more information. 

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