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Unleash Some Interesting Facts on Dental Bonding

Have you any discoloured, cracked or chipped tooth to repair? Don’t panic and opt for an excellent cosmetic work namely dental bonding. It helps in improving the confidence by delivering you whiter teeth. At the time of process, dentist applies composite resin with matching tooth colour on single or more teeth to restore it from damage.  This affordable solution is great when compared to other cosmetic dental methods such as veneers and crowns.

What teeth bonding process involves?

In contrast to other cosmetic dental works, it is quite simple and easy to get.

The process does not need anesthesia unless you need to fill a cavity and also does not require several visits to your dentist.

How will teeth bonding procedure work?

To begin with the process, your dentist takes a shade guide for selecting the colour of composite resin which matches closely with your natural teeth. After this, the dentist will make tooth surface rough and then put a liquid for bonding agent to stick properly to your tooth. He will put composite resin over the liquid for shaping or moulding your tooth in order to harden material by means of ultraviolet light. Your dentist may shape the tooth once the resin gets hardened, when required.

Why should you perform teeth bonding?

Tooth bonding may help in fixing the imperfection or defect within a tooth. Some people might require bonding to repair your discolored, cracked or decayed tooth and the process may close small gaps in between the teeth. Tooth bonding can enhance your tooth shape. So, if you have a short tooth than others, you can get them all of the same length.

Bonding is a quick process without any down time. Even if anaesthesia is not necessary you can completely get back to your normal life post treatment. Basically, dental bonding finishes within 30-60 minutes per tooth.

There are some appointments that might run for a longer timing, based on the extent of the procedure.

Is there any associated risk of dental bonding?

There isn’t any major risks with dental bonding. The resin used in the procedure is not very strong like natural teeth. The chipping off or separation of the materials is possible from the natural teeth. However, it is quite rare when you have a filling, crown and veneer.

Your bonded tooth can chip easily when you chew pens, eat ice, bite your nails, hard food or candies. The composite resin is not stain resistant like dental materials and you can develop discoloration when you are addicted to smoking or drinking.

What is the cost of dental bonding?

Composite bond dental bonding cost in London differs according to the extent of the treatment, dentist chosen and the exact location. You may expect to pay somewhere between $300 to $600 for each tooth, on an average and you have to replace the bonding in every 5 to 10 years. It is suggested that you check with the insurance provider before booking an appointment. There are some insurers who believe teeth bonding to be a cosmetic treatment that will not cover for the cost.

How can you prepare for teeth bonding?

You need to talk to the dentist and know whether you are the right candidate for bonding. Well, dental bonding may not work when you have severe tooth decay or damage and you will require a crown or veneer, in place of that.

How can you take care for your bonded teeth?

When you take proper care of the teeth, this can improve the life of a bonded tooth. Some selfcare tips include the following:

  • Brush teeth two times in a day
  • Floss daily
  • Do not eat hard foods and candies
  • Avoid biting your nails
  • Do not drink tea, coffee and tobacco for the first two days after the treatment to prevent unwanted stains
  • Schedule routine dental checkups and cleanings once in every six months

It is suggested that you visit a dentist when you break or chip your bonding material accidentally or when you feel any rough or sharp edges after the treatment.


Your healthy smile ca help to improve the level of confidence. When you suffer from a chipped tooth, discoloration or gaps in between the teeth and want an inexpensive repair, it is advised that you visit your dentist for thorough consultation and solve your oral complications quickly.

Your dentist will help to know if the procedure is suitable for you and may recommend other options, if needed to improve your teeth appearance.

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